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"We are allowed to dream big" Perneet Chauhan

Perneet Chauhan’s Quick Grill with Tellybuzz helps us see her beyond the character of Avni that she portrays in Star One’s Love Ne Mila Di Jodi.

Published: Saturday,Dec 12, 2009 14:27 PM GMT-07:00
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If you were asked to live in a glass house for a week say as part of a reality show would you do it?
I… don't think so. I'm not a reality show kind of a person. Living in a glass house is too much for me! I'm too much closed and shy to do that!

Say you got movie offers from Ashutosh Gowariker, Madhur Bhandarkar and Karan Johar citing the same dates. Who will you choose?
I will choose Karan Johar because I love the way he makes films.

Any country's culture (apart from India) that fascinates you?
The tribes of Africa fascinate me. Because the modernity hasn't affected them. Even with the world fast forwarding ahead, their culture has remained exclusive and untouched.

A car you'd like to own.
Well, if I'm driving then I'd like for it to be Hyundai i10 because it sort of goes along with my personality. But say, if the driver is driving and I just have to sit at the back seat, then I'd like it to be Honda civic or Skoda Octavia. Nothing beats the Mercedes of course. But I feel it's too much. But then dream car right? So I guess I can mention that. We are allowed to dream big (smiles).

A personality who you think is real.

Rahul Gandhi

A strength of the present generation of India
The present generation is very responsible, aware of their rights and sensible.

Any phobias?
I'm very scared of the dark and I also have slight claustrophobia.

Are you a person who gives into parental pressure?
I wouldn't say parental pressure buckles me down. But I do take their wishes and consider them before I make any decision. But I do stand for my right. I sit down talk to them why something is so important for me and then go for it. They too don't mind once they get why I believe in it so much.

Your favorite actor?
Hugh grant is cute. As an actor SRK is incredible. And I also like Aamir Khan.

One beauty treatment you wish you didn't have to do.
Umm…the basic, eyebrow threading.

One quality you possess that makes you a stronger individual.
The fact that I'm patient. It's very important these days not to lose your cool.

A movie you're looking forward to watch.
I want to watch Paa and I missed Wake Up Sid so I want to catch it on a DVD.

Message to fans.
Please keep all the encouraging messages incoming. It actually increases my confidence and keeps supporting me.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose
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namita_savni 12 years ago plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cum back onscreen fast....

hope to c u with karan once agagin
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namita_savni 12 years ago ur the best perneet...

cum back soon with karan...
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-NeverLetMeGo- 12 years ago hey perneet we luv u yaar
even i luv srk
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Rashmi_acc 12 years ago Firshtly i love chandana than after chandana i love parneet.
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alishaL786 12 years ago amazing! i love you avni! you are totally just like me! :) you're amazing in LNMDJ and super talented!
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SurfIndia 12 years ago Shahrukh has showed the way to dream big and realize. Hats off to the astounding carrer and the ever lasting spirit.2010-01-04 21:38:08
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-Doppelganger- 12 years ago Your performance is getting better day by day...Keep up the good work my dear!!!!!
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-Doppelganger- 12 years ago Luv ya perneet....now i feel as if no one could have potrayed avni better than u
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adits7 12 years ago hey perneet keep dreamin big n u ll acheive it....coz its wen v dream abt sumthin only dn v try hard 2 acheive it.........
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-Doppelganger- 12 years ago Perneet.....u r indeed a beauty with brains!!!
All the best....Luv ya so much
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