"The consummation scene was just a part of Haider's revenge" : Mohit Sehgal

Playing a grey character of Haider in Zee TV’s popular show Qubool Hai, Mohit talks about the motive of Haider’s consummation with Humaira.

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It seems that love is blooming between Haider and Humaira these days in Four Lions' popular show Qubool Hai on Zee TV as the two were seen consummating in the recent episode of the show. But there is some interesting twist in store for the viewers.

We were quite inquisitive to know more about the same and hence contacted Mohit who tell us,  "I think the story needed it because of the revenge track as Haider is trying to take revenge from Mamu (Tej Sapru). That's why the consummation scene had to be included and Haider had to do it. Right now it has happened just for revenge but later on may be Creatives will do something about it and then the love track might also happen. I really don't know what's going to be the next step of Haider because it all depends on the creative team. I get to know about the upcoming episode track on every single day."  

So, has Haider fallen in love with Humaira? Mohit replies, "In one of the scenes shot at Fatehpur Sikri, Haider feels something weird when Humaira hugs him and says 'I love You.' He should have been happy that his plan is working but he wasn't happy then and felt guilty about  it. There only he gets some questions in his mind that why is this happening with me? He feels something about it but nothing is there in his mind."  

He further added, "People really liked the Agra track, the Fatehpur Sikri track and this track too where this consummation scene has happened because Haider wants to take revenge from his Mamu. People really loved it and they are liking my character too because it has too many shades and everyday he is doing something different. Sometimes he is romantic, sometimes he is evil and sometimes he is something else. It's a lovely and a challenging character for me to play. I am enjoying it."  

We also asked Mohit as whether Haider will continue with his plan of taking the revenge if he really falls in love with Humaira or not, this is what Mohit says, "He directly wants to take revenge from his Mamu and Mumani (Alka Kaushal) but he is trying to make them suffer indirectly through their daughter. If Haider will fall in love with Humaria then I don't think that he will leave Mamu and Mumani because whatever they have done to him was not to be forgiven."  

When asked Mohit about shooting for consummation scenes on Television, he told, "It was not that kind of a scene where one has to be so surprised! It was just a normal consummation scene and it was not a big deal for us because earlier also many shows have shot consummation scene. At the same time it's not comfortable for actors as well because you tend to feel awkward at times as it's not your partner. Whenever these kinds of scenes happen then we try to finish doing it as soon as possible in one or maximum 2 takes." 

Anwesha Kamal


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salwa21 4 years ago mohit sehgal you rocked as haider
love you
Maahi25love 5 years ago Love you Ketki kadam...
you are so cute
aiswaryasudevan 6 years ago mohit u rockz in qubool hai
but miss miley jab hum tum a lot
SasuSaku4eva 6 years ago I'm guessing that comment was directed to me. I'm not saying that Haider should stay at home and twiddle his thumbs, no, what I'm saying is that bringing Humaira an innocent person into this situation is wrong. He wants justice that's fine, punish Gaffur but don't use someone whose innocent to achieve that justice that he rightfully deserves. Humaira has nothing to do with his parents death but yet he's using Humaira to get to Gaffur. He's manipulating a girl who trusts him and probably loves him to take revenge on her father. Let's call that justice, it doesn't matter who get hurt along the way once the culprit is behind bars and the victim gets his justice, its fine. Lets turn a blind eye to the other victim(s) in the situation as well. Last week someone attacked my defenseless 50 year old uncle, they beat him and tied his hands and legs so that he couldn't defend himself then if that wasn't bad enough, they probably thought that just beating him wasn't enough, that probably didn't amuse them for long. No, those filthy scum went ahead and threw gasoline(?) all over my uncle's battered body and set him on fire. My uncle was burnt alive at early hours in the morning, when police arrived at the scene he was dead, we had to identify him by using his dental records, my family and I want justice to be served. When the officers get hold of the criminal(s) we're not going to target the criminal's family, no they are not responsible for my uncle's death. We're not going to manipulate, torture, rape, kidnap or burn them alive for something that their family member did. They are not involved whatsoever. If people think that its okay to hurt innocent people to get your justice then, I don't know man, I don't know. Haider and my family's situation are almost alike but my family don't entertain thoughts that Haider does, we don't string along innocent citizens in our quest for justice. Is Haider using Humaira going to solve anything? No. Say he uses her to his heart's...
Critic.Observer 6 years ago I guess people just want victims to sit at home n cry over the cruelty and crime done on the family.
People can't see a victim to come up and fight the injustice done with them and their family.

A fight for justice is pathetic wow! And then they say why dont crimes end.. Well if you don't take an action against a crime it would just give them air to commit more crime..
The ones who are fighting against the culprit, for the justice should get a bow and not otherwise..!!
SasuSaku4eva 6 years ago Wow, this is pathetic. Really really pathetic and Haider is really, really, really pathetic as well. The writers really need to come up with a logical story line. This show is just stupid, boring, inconsistent, illogical and hypocritical. Bad writing? Nah, more like worst writing. How people still watch this show is something that I can't begin to comprehend. Anti-HH.
Note: To all the immature fans/stans out there, this comment is directed to the writers and their character 'Haider'. In no way whatsoever is this bashing on the guy portraying 'Haider', this is just me hating on the character and storyline. Just saying.
xXx Madara Uchiha xXx
_Freaked.Out_ 6 years ago Mohit Sehgal keep Rocking as Haider in Qubool Hai!! You are a fab actor!!
CrazyLtlBitch 6 years ago Mohit Sehgal you're awesome in Qubool Hai... Loving you as Haider...
Mohit and Ketki you've got a very nice chemistry...
MYLOVELIFE 6 years ago u always rock mr.MOHIT SEHGAL
u always do justice with the character u play and portray it with perfection.
Critic.Observer 6 years ago Mohit Sehgal, you are flawless as Haider.
Every expression for every scene is perfectly acted.

I love haider-humaira's love hate story. You and Ketki share sizzling chemistry!!

I'd love to see Haider directly taking revenge from Razia as she will give barabar ki takkar to Haider.

Great going Mohit, as Haider. Keep it up!!

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