"Sanaya compliments me that I should open a restaurant someday" : Mohit Sehgal

Mohit Sehgal asks fans to be little more patient as he hopes that he will be back on-screen very soon. He talks about his cooking skills, birthday plans and much more in this conversation with TellyBuzz…

The good looking and talented actor Mohit Sehgal, who was last seen as Siddharth in Star Plus' Mujhse Kuchh Kehti...Yeh Khanoshiyaan is currently keeping himself busy with different things and he hopes to make a comeback on television very soon. 

TellyBuzz spoke to Mohit to know more about what's keeping him busy these days, his cooking skills and his plans to comeback on TV.

Let's see what Mohit has to share with us...

When asked Mohit about his plans these days he says, "I am busy reducing weight these days (laughs) and I am busy meeting people for new projects. The meetings are good and hope that something will materialize very soon. I am meeting concerned people for television as well as films too and the characters are also good enough so I just hope that something will be finalized very soon. I have been reading the messages of fans that Please comeback soon, we are tired of not watching you on-screen.' I am also tired like these fans are but I am being patient that I will get something very good soon. Little more patience is needed and something good will happen." 

Talking about the hobby which is keeping him busy these days, Mohit says, "Cooking is my hobby and I keep on cooking at my home. I am making healthy stuff for myself. I like to try out new things; if I go out in a restaurant and have something new, then I try to prepare that dish at home. I like homemade food because they are healthy as you can prepare it in your own way like with less sugar, less fat, etc." 

Mohit receives a compliment from Sanaya Irani whenever he cooks for her, "Sanaya loves eating and whenever I feed her something different, she loves it. She always says that it's better than outside food. She always says that I should open a restaurant someday. It's a compliment for me that she likes the food prepared by me. She loves Oyster Chicken prepared by me the most and lot of other things too. I keep on preparing different kinds of dishes every time and she loves them all. I love to prepare open sandwiches at home; I cook Mexican, Chinese, and protein cupcakes for myself too. I also experiment with many other dishes," says Mohit. 

As Mohit's birthday is nearby we asked him about his birthday plans and he says, "As of now, I have planned nothing because Sanaya will be shooting that time and probably outside Mumbai so I guess she won't be here that time. If she and my friends will be here then I will do something or else I will do some work. I might chill out with my friends."

So, when is the adorable couple planning to tie the knot? Mohit says, "Every year we think that it will happen next year but every year something or the other things happen so we don't get a chance. We don't want to get married when we are occupied with the work so we can't enjoy it. We would like to choose the right time when we both aren't working and we can enjoy our wedding. We want to celebrate and enjoy it thoroughly. There is still time and both of us are currently busy with our work commitments and we would like to concentrate on the same right now. Marriage is not only our priority as of now. I feel that we can get married anytime. We are happy right now and then also we will be happy. Nothing will change. Eventually we have to get married and we will." 

Anwesha Kamal


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