"My first crush was a woman" Riya Sen

I wouldn't be heart broken. I won't care. I would just split with him.

Q. If you had to date a historical character, who would he be and why?
A. I think Romeo. He is good looking and romantic. He is every woman’s dream.

Q. If the guy you have hots for turns out to be a gay, what would you do?
A. I wouldn’t be heart broken. I won’t care. I would just split with him.

Q. If you are going out on a date and some one
makes a pass at you, would you want your guy to fight with him?
A. No. I won’t. He should be happy that I’m getting the attention. He should feel proud of it.

Q. Your first crush?
A. She was my standard three class teacher. My first crush was a woman.

Q. You get along with men of which sun sign usually?
A. Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini.

Q. If you went out on your first date and came to know that the guy has plans to spike your drink?
A. I would slap him right there and enjoy the party.

Q. What quality would you like to possess in your man?
A. He should be intelligent and smart in making decisions.

Q. From Bollywood or outside?
A. He can be from outside.

Q. Internal or external beauty?
A. Both. He should be a mix of both.

Q. Brainy or brawny?
A. I said I prefer intelligent guys. He being brawny is a bonus.

Q. Is a sense of humour a must?
A. No. He shouldn’t overdo humour.

Q. How important are calls and smses in your relationship?
A. Very important.

Q. What do you think of metro sexual man?
A. They are simply rubbish.

Q. How long would you wait to take your relationship to another level?
A. Can’t say. I would have to be very sure about the guy.

Alok Hisaria.

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