"Mastaangi is a unique experience as I get to re-live my young phase." - Aakash Talwar

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Having appeared in a host of shows such as Nadaan Parinde Ghar Aaja on Life OK and Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan on Channel V, the sensuous Aakash Talwar currently enchants the audience via his rustic personality as Karan in Mastaangi.

Speaking about taking up a youth-based show, Aakash averred, "I play Karan (earlier Kabir) who is allergic to love, is an atheist, arrogant and fearless personality. The best part about playing Karan is that no one can hate him! This is a one of a kind experience, as I get to re-live my young phase."

Elaborating further about choosing to be a part of Mastaangi, he stated, "I have earlier done shows with distinguished concepts such as Pavitra Bandhan which saw a shift of my character from positive to negative, thus giving me an opportunity to brush up my skills all the more. I chose to be a part of Mastaangi because the teenage life offers the best time! We can do what we want with thinking too much about our responsibilities. Moreover, I see this show as a platform which will enhance my grown in the acting industry. The response is great and people like what they watch!"

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Aakash Talwar

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Comments (3)

Akash talwar u r doing great job as karan in mastaangi really loving it

8 years ago

The only serial I am liking nowadays...great work ..ready to see it whole day...

8 years ago

He's doing a great job in Mastaangi! The show keeps getting better everyday!! But KYY was on MTV not Channel V. Please make the necessary correction!

8 years ago

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