"It is always happy to see friends grow in life"

Says Makrand Malhotra who is a dear friend of the actress Pooja Banerjee. He is happy that Pooja is all set to feature in veteran actor Govinda’s music album.

The very well-known ace actor Govinda (Arun) Ahuja , who has entertained the audience with his acting skills, spectacular dancing skills and comedy, is all set to bring forth his yet another talent as a singer.

He launched his first music album named 'Gori Tere Naina' in which he featured as a singer. The album has two beautiful songs sung by him and the music of the songs is melodious and relates to the Indian festival Navratri. Hence he thought to release his album on this auspicious festival of Navratri.

The album also features the very well-known actress of Telly town who is known as Parvati a.k.a Pooja Banerjee. After doing films in Bengali and Tamil and also some TV shows, this is her first music album.

Her close friends from the Telly town also attended the launch of the music album to congratulate her. Pooja's former co-star Kunal Verma who was the male lead in the show Tujh Sang Preet Lagayi Sajna and the handsome hunk who is very much in media talks these days is Makrand Malhotra were present at the launch of the music album.

Seems that Makrand Malhotra and Pooja Banerjee are very good friends. This is what we got to know when we spoke to Makrand, who arrived at the launch when it was almost over, "Yes, I was at the launch of the music album as Pooja Banerjee is a dear friend of mine."

Further he elaborated saying, "It is always happy to see your friends grow in life and she absolutely deserves it."

We wish Pooja Banerjee all the very best for her music album.

Krishma Solanki

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Just figured out why this article was written with such angle...

Ms Journalist is friends with Mr Nobody and that fact I can back up

10 years ago

guys.. im free as well. now take my interview & post it. ok :).

oops !! sorry i forgot ..im nobody's EX :-O

10 years ago

Who is this guy ...
I do not understand ... why write about him ...

10 years ago

Who is this man? Is he a celeb? Or a wannabe?

10 years ago

Who is this Makrand???
Not an actor, not a singer, not a celebrity ...
Aaa I remembered, it's the one that abused women.
Shame on you, which puts pictures and articles of such a man here.

10 years ago

Who is Makrand??Why is he being interviewed??

10 years ago

And his claim to fame is?? Seriously TB? That's such a random article! :s

10 years ago

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10 years ago

wtf...her name is pooja bose nt banerjee if u are talking abt parvati of DBKD Mahadev..

10 years ago

Is it pooja Bose they are talking about?its not pooja Banerjee it's pooja Bose. Anyways best of luck to pooja and Kunal for future projects

10 years ago

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