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"I'm an actor first and anchor next" says actress Pallavi Joshi on hosting 'Bharat Ki Baat

Bharat Ki Baat is a feature show which will take viewers on a captivating journey of India...

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Anchored by actress Pallavi Joshi, the feature show Bharat Ki Baat will take the viewers on a captivating journey of India - highlighting our nation's greatness and achievements through a positive yet differentiated perspective. Through immersive storytelling in the show, Pallavi will give a glimpse of country's glorious past, deep dive into the present times and take viewers on a voyage to the future, where one can hope to see only good times by taking the right steps for the welfare of our country.

In a candid chat with India Forums, Pallavi shared details of the show, returning as an anchor and about her versatility.

What is the show all about?

As the title suggests, the show will talk about Bharat and its achievements. The show will be covering all the good things about the country, the culture, the heritage and the current situation. Nothing will be shown on the negative lines, as there are many shows which are already doing that.  


You've always chosen something different and unique and your choices have always been strong. Is it a conscious effort or such scripts just come your way?

See, I really believe it is just the kind of person that you are. The fact that I've done varied roles is probably because I have liked those scripts. I don't make an effort to be different, I only choose a script only when I really find it substantial and something that I believe in.


The first episode of the show is titled Democracy' and you speak about freedom and freedom of speech. What would you like to comment on freedom of speech in current scenario with respect to social media?

Social media is great actually. Everybody has the right to express their views and social media is a great platform. I understand there are trolls and negativity too, but it's okay that is there opinion. We can't really curb their voice.


How do you feel about coming back as an anchor with Bharat Ki Baat'?

If you ask me, I'm an actor first and an anchor next. Give me a character and I will portray it will all my best potential. Why I chose this is project is because I'm really passionate about the subject and I didn't want to miss a chance of doing it.  

The show is available on YouTube. 

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