"I'm a bunch of confusion" Ratan Rajput

Ratan Rajput aka Laali of Zee’s Agle Janam glides through Tellybuzz’ Quick Grills…

Your name indicates: A precious gem, symbolically saying that I'm the jewel of the family (laughs).

The one person closest to your heart: Mom and Dad, who are not two different people but one.

Your Hobbies: Chatting or going out with my girlfriends, music and kitchen experiments (laughs).

Three words to describe you: Just one- I'm a jhalli, which means a bunch of confusion.

One movie you can watch again and again: Chupke Chupke

Mamma's pet or daddy's girl: Like I said, I don't consider them two different people, so I'm 'donon ki laadli!' (Pet of both!)

Life to you is: An unstoppable journey whose course should be decided by you.

In school your favorite subject was: Poetry class followed by drawing and physical training.

Favorite actor and actress: I have two of each, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Kajol and Smita Patil

One song currently ringing in your head: I have two answers again- Dooriyan and Chor Bazaari from Luv Aaj Kal

The tele-serial you are hooked on to:
Agle Janam and Perfect Bride

Your favorite thing to munch on: Salads and sprouts

The best part about Mumbai city: It's a very good city for girls…lots of independence with safety. It's a city of survival and one for making your dreams come true.

A brand name that will best be endorsed by you: Umm…I guess slimming pills. I don't use them but seeing my frame I think people will get convinced of its effectiveness.

Steps you take to improve yourself as an actress: I observe people around. I learn a lot from their actions.

Do you like to get wet in rains?
After getting wet so many times in for Agle Janam I'm feeling over-dosed. Now I want to soak-up the sun (smiles).

If not an actor you'd have been-
A good daughter and hopefully a good wife.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose.

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Comments (12)

she is cute and brilliant actor .. good luck to her for everything

14 years ago

can you please get a new picture of ratan? this one is very outdated

14 years ago

awwwwh she really is adorable! so down to earth..loved her answers!

14 years ago

luv you, simple yet awesome performance

14 years ago

salads and sprouts??eww i mean salads, i can do but sprouts..

14 years ago

Very Smart and Nice Answeres..Shes So Cute! <3

14 years ago

She is the most bestest supreme actress ever

14 years ago

I liked the slimming pills answer!!!!

14 years ago

she seems rlly cute... nd she's also pretty but i think she should striaten her hair a bit it luks a bit weird in the pic.. no offence

14 years ago

she is sweet n intelligent. very very good actress. at present no.1 in tallywood in acting.

14 years ago

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