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"I'm a bunch of confusion" Ratan Rajput

Ratan Rajput aka Laali of Zee’s Agle Janam glides through Tellybuzz’ Quick Grills…

Published: Saturday,Nov 07, 2009 15:58 PM GMT-07:00
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Your name indicates: A precious gem, symbolically saying that I'm the jewel of the family (laughs).

The one person closest to your heart: Mom and Dad, who are not two different people but one.

Your Hobbies: Chatting or going out with my girlfriends, music and kitchen experiments (laughs).

Three words to describe you: Just one- I'm a jhalli, which means a bunch of confusion.

One movie you can watch again and again: Chupke Chupke

Mamma's pet or daddy's girl: Like I said, I don't consider them two different people, so I'm 'donon ki laadli!' (Pet of both!)

Life to you is: An unstoppable journey whose course should be decided by you.

In school your favorite subject was: Poetry class followed by drawing and physical training.

Favorite actor and actress: I have two of each, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Kajol and Smita Patil

One song currently ringing in your head: I have two answers again- Dooriyan and Chor Bazaari from Luv Aaj Kal

The tele-serial you are hooked on to:
Agle Janam and Perfect Bride

Your favorite thing to munch on: Salads and sprouts

The best part about Mumbai city: It's a very good city for girls…lots of independence with safety. It's a city of survival and one for making your dreams come true.

A brand name that will best be endorsed by you: Umm…I guess slimming pills. I don't use them but seeing my frame I think people will get convinced of its effectiveness.

Steps you take to improve yourself as an actress: I observe people around. I learn a lot from their actions.

Do you like to get wet in rains?
After getting wet so many times in for Agle Janam I'm feeling over-dosed. Now I want to soak-up the sun (smiles).

If not an actor you'd have been-
A good daughter and hopefully a good wife.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose.

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parvi91 12 years ago great actress2010-08-26 12:15:42
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cooks09 12 years ago she is cute and brilliant actor .. good luck to her for everything
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Gur.N.cool 12 years ago can you please get a new picture of ratan? this one is very outdated
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Jessuu 12 years ago awwwwh she really is adorable! so down to earth..loved her answers!
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sanjeevak 12 years ago luv you, simple yet awesome performance2009-11-08 01:30:09
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brainychild92 12 years ago salads and sprouts??eww i mean salads, i can do but sprouts..
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ArmaansGirl 12 years ago Very Smart and Nice Answeres..Shes So Cute! <3
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Dostirules 12 years ago She is the most bestest supreme actress ever
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Shaina_b 12 years ago I liked the slimming pills answer!!!!

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bengali.rani97 12 years ago she seems rlly cute... nd she's also pretty but i think she should striaten her hair a bit it luks a bit weird in the pic.. no offence
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