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"I want to re-marry Raksha on the sets of Nach Baliye" : Vinod Thakur

Vinod Thakur, one of the finest contestants of Star Plus’ dance reality show Nach Baliye Season 6, talks about his life, his participation in the show and much more with TellyBuzz…

Star Plus' popular dance reality show Nach Baliye Season 6 one of the most promising couples Vinod and Raksha Thakur have gained immense popularity amongst the audiences and the judges with their talent. Even though Vinod is physically challenged but the way he showcases his dancing talent on the stage of Nach Baliye Season 6, is really commendable.

TellyBuzz spoke to the sensational dancer of the show Vinod Thakur to know more about his early life, his participation in the show, his future plans and much more.

Tell us something about yourself.

I don't have both of my legs since my birth. I am like this only since my birth and I have studied till class 12th. Earlier I was very much interested in sports but slowly my interested developed in dancing and I participated in India's Got Talent as a hip hop dancer and I reached till semi-final. I have also taken part in the reality shows in the places like South Korea and Taiwan. I had a love marriage with my wife Raksha and we been happily living together from past one year.

How did Nach Baliye happen to both of you? Whose decision was it to be a part of the show?

When the Nach Baliye team contacted us to be a part of the show, I happily said a Yes' to them. Nach Baliye is a very big platform and I have always wished to perform well before the audience. Raksha also wants to learn dance and she is happy that she has got such a big platform to perform dance.

What was your motive to be a part of the show?

I have always wished to showcase my dancing talent to all and I feel very good that now we are being known as a unique couple and our love story has become famous. I wanted to show people that physical appearance doesn't matter in a relationship. What matters the most is the understanding between the couple.

If two people can understand each other well then all will be right even if there is lack of something but if the understanding is missing between a couple then nothing will be well even if everything will be normal.

Anything can happen with anyone even after marriage so it doesn't mean that one partner will leave the other. One should have to throw away the negative things from life and just keep doing well with positive feelings.

Tell us something about your and Raksha's love story?

It didn't happen like I proposed her or she proposed me. She used to come to my academy to learn dancing. She used to see that I am not dependent on anyone rather I am taking care of the rest of the kids of my academy.

She liked my caring nature and I liked that she understands me well. Then we planned to get married. She felt that I can keep her happy always. I appreciate her that she didn't notice the negative aspect of mine and she just noticed about my understanding nature and she married me.

Both of us went against the will of our families and got married to each other. Every parent wants her daughter to get married to a person who perfectly fit so same happened in our case. Today, we both are very happy being with each other and our families has now accepted us seeing very happy being with each other.

How did dance happen to you? What kind of preparations you have done to participate in Nach Baliye?

Earlier I was not interested in dancing but some of my friends motivated me to get into dancing. I learned dancing then I took part in India's Got Talent. Now, I am doing my rehearsals well with my choreographers. Every girl has a dream that her marriage happens in front of all with their blessings which couldn't happen with us so, I want to get married to Raksha on the sets of Nach Baliye.

You have now become an inspiration for everyone. How does it feel?

I feel very good about it. If a child is born like this then it usually happens that the child's mind is filled with negative thoughts that he can't do something but I feel and want to show the world that if a person's determination is strong with a positive thought then a person can do anything even if he has some disability.

 I feel very good to receive some nice feedback from people on Facebook or through some other mediums. There are so many handicapped kids who have started calling me as a God for them. It feels really nice that they all are praying for me and supporting me.

What kind of challenges you face while doing your rehearsals?

I don't face any challenges but my choreographers face that how will they make some steps which can be done using hands only. Raksha is a learner and she is trying hard to give her best performance and she is doing well.

Tell us something about your upcoming fire act. What are the difficulties you faced while doing your rehearsals?

I was quite confident about it that we will do well and the performance went very well beyond our expectations. We received very good compliments from the judges as well as the contestants. Some problems did occur while doing rehearsals but later everything was fine. My hand got burnt and some kerosene went inside the stomach of Raksha.

What has been the reaction of your family members and everyone?

Our families are happy to see me performing here so well. They ask us to take precautions and do well.

How do you feel when you get such amazing compliments from the judges?

I want that the judges shouldn't take me lightly. I can do much well than what I have done so far. In future, I want to do classical using by my hands which is something going to be challenging but I am ready to do it and I will be coming up with this in one of my future performance. It feels great to receive such nice compliments from them.

How do you both support each other?

We have full faith that we can do well. We are very positive about everything and just giving our best performances.

What are your expectations of winning the show?

I want to win the show. Currently, I am looking after a trust for which I have to pay rent. I wish that if I will win Nach Baliye then I will use that amount of money to open my own trust and use that amount of money on the kids which currently I am using paying the rent. There is hardly any support given from the Government's side for such kids of trusts.

The people take away all the money and use it for themselves which should have been given for the trust. I need support from everyone. I just don't want to educate the kids but I want to motivate them so that they can discover their talent and I will help them to showcase their talent to the world.

I want to dedicate my entire life for the trust which I am planning to open and help the kids grow in life.

Message for the fans?

I wish all of you to support me from your heart. I want to win the show and want to become a better example for everyone. We are trying our best to give our 100% in our performances and I can win the show with your support. I am very happy and I am thankful to all to get such amazing response from the audience which has made us gain the highest votes.

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All the best to you and your wife. You have the most amazing wife!
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