"I isolated myself for few hours before shooting Radhey's death scene", Megha Chakraborty

Actress Megha Chakraborty says she doesn't use glycerine to emote onscreen.

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Actress Megha Chakraborty says she doesn't use glycerine to emote onscreen.

Megha is currently seen in Star Plus show Krishna Chali London as Krishna.

"In an unfortunate turn of events on the show, Radhey (essayed by Gaurav Sareen) gets killed in a car accident which leaves Krishna devastated to lead her life on her own. It was the most emotionally challenging scene I have been in," Megha said in a statement.

She added,"To get into the zone and relate to Krishna's pain of losing her husband, I isolated myself for a few hours on set before shooting the scene. I realised that her grief is unfathomable and wanted my performance to be absolutely natural on the show."

"Being an actor who believes in internalising my characters, I do not use glycerine to emote on screen. As difficult as it was to shoot for it, I hope viewers resonate with Krishna's character on screen."

Megha is a Bengali film and Television actress, she was part of shows like Badi Devrani , Khwaabon Ki Zamin Par and Peshwa Bajirao.

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Comments (2)

Good going now interesting to watch how story will shape up after main lead exit

5 years ago

These actors and their so called tactics of feeling the truth, crying with true tears and what not sometimes I really don't understand when they know they are acting a fake situation...oh may be this is also a way to get an another show after the one they are working for.
watched the scene of Radhe death and all but did not notice a dying krishna because her hubby left her.(My POV) who appreciated it or her may go ahead and say it.

5 years ago

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