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"I got scared while watching a horror movie all alone" - Rahul Sharma

TellyBuzz brings to you the Spooky and Uncanny column with Rahul Sharma who believes in supernatural and has experienced some of the scariest horror dares…

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TellyBuzz brings to you the Spooky and Uncanny column with your favorite Telly stars and tries to find out their beliefs in supernatural and their brush with the uncanny! This week we have Rahul Sharma with us, who is currently seen playing the role of Aakash in Star Plus' popular show Ek Ghar Banaunga.

Let's find out what Rahul has to share with us...

Do you believe in supernatural?

Yes, 100%.

Craziest horror story you have ever heard as a kid?

I used to hear a story of a witch as a kid. There used to be a jungle and on the way a witch used to come and take kids away with her. I used to get scared while hearing this story.

Have you ever had a brush with uncanny?

No, but I have seen people getting affected by the power of spirit. One of my relatives was suffering with such problem so I believe on all such things.

When have you been the most scared?

I remember that I was watching a horror movie all alone. Later, I got so scared that I was not able to sleep so I just went to my mother and I hugged her.

Favorite horror movie?

Van Helsing and Raaz.

Horror dare?

The jungles of Mahabaleshwar are known as the scariest one. So, I used to visit that jungle with my friends at night. There was a point which has a story that after crossing this point ghosts will catch you and we crossed that point; suddenly the lights of our car were switched off due to some problem but that incident scared all of us. 


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