"I end up collecting toothbrushes" Kavi Shastri

Kavi Shastri tackles the Tellybuzz Quick Grills this week…

A brand logo's design that fascinates you: Audi

Favorite shade when it comes to glares: Deep Purple

One skill you want to learn: To play the guitar

An underrated television actor:
Kavin Dave

Your favorite season: Winter

The form of entertainment you like the most: Watching films.

Your favorite cartoon character: Homer Simpson

A cause that is close to your heart: Cancer Research

Favorite Actors: Al Pacino, Saif Ali Khan and many more.

Any phobia: I got phobia of deep waters.

Anything you like to collect: I end up collecting toothbrushes when I travel..always forget mine at home and bring new ones home!!

Heavy boots or slippers: Heavy Boots

Idea of a perfect date: Honestly,a Pizza, a DVD and my beanbag.

Define friendship: True friendship, for me, lies in simplicity. Not much of going out but just a simple phone to let the other person know you're there.

What are your current goals: To finish Rishta.com and go on a holiday….but more importantly to go to the next level and do films.

If you had to choose your own name you'd choose: Anything random like Bob.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Kavi Shastri

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Comments (31)

Awww :D he is soo adorable <3

Simple yet unique thoughts ;)

11 years ago

lol im glad he didnt choose his own name i loveee him and his english accent is soo cute :)!

13 years ago

i can't think of answers that get any more unique (read: random - the good way though =D)

toothbrushes for a collection and a name like bob! - hah there now! ur a surprise package kavi, on screen and it seems now, off screen too!

ps: heavy boots?! lol! - winters and boots together make sense though - glad to share this particular odd with you, winters are just it!

keep getting bigger and better!

13 years ago

i also luv travelling. plz can u say ur producer to change the time of RISTA.COM. I am big fan of u.

14 years ago

wow collect tooth brushes strange but cute.ur show is fantastic ur chemistery with shuruti mind blowing.u r so cute.

14 years ago

finish rishta.com.... Oh nahi... Its awesome... N i want many more episodes of it...

14 years ago

i just love the show rishta.com!!
this guy's acting is awesome!! and i totally agree with him that kevin dave is an underrated actor!

14 years ago

he is adorable

i jus loved how he defined frndship "just a simple phone to let the other person know you're there."

14 years ago

hey even i hv a fetish 4 tooth brushes lol !! <br/>nice answers... but hey finish rishtha .com ???!! bt hey its jus startd na..? well a long tym 2 go 4 it i guess.. i like dat shw ... its swt ! :)

14 years ago

lolzzz toothbrush ......The guy has pretty weird choices heheheh....but he is cuteeeeeeee

14 years ago

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