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"I do take fashion advice from others" Richa Soni

Richa Soni tells us about her fashion views…

Published: Sunday,Jan 17, 2010 11:33 AM GMT-07:00
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What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion means wearing something that suits your personality and you can carry off very well.

Which is the one attire that can never go out of fashion?
Saris and Salwar-Kameez…both.

Your favorite designer
No one in particular.

Favorite perfume
Issey Miyake

Favorite line of bags and shoes
Catwalk for shoes and Gucci for bags

Do you prefer make-up or being without it?
I prefer wearing Kohl and Lip gloss.

Which brand of make-up do you usually favor?

Your favorite fashion destination?
No place as such.

Designer label or platform ka maal?
Designer Label

What do you do on a bad hair day?
Just apply loads of oil and wrap a scarf around it.

The accessories that you usually prefer…
Chunky wooden bangles

Do you feel the electronic gadgets we carry reflect our style statement?
Yes…at times.

Who do you feel is the most influential trendsetter at present?
Priyanka Chopra

Who is your style icon?
Sushmita Sen

The hottest color this season…

Do you take fashion advice from others or you follow your own instincts?
I do tend to take fashion advice from others…I ask regarding current fashion trends and then go about to make my choice.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Nishtha 13 years ago Hello can anyone please tag BhagyaVidahata show and Richa Soni in this article!
As its neither showing on Shows page here nor in Richa's profile !
Cheers !2010-01-22 00:21:09
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regalla 13 years ago i like her.. i really find her very graceful be it in indian clothes or western.
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bhagyavidhata 13 years ago guys.....positive attitude is a must in reel and real life both..............u can add glamor by using makeup but cannot add innocence.........it has to be within then only it will be pure....what say..................rite?????????????
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Mona_Maurya 13 years ago I like her honesty & positive attitude...that's what reflect through her reel & real life both....Love VinDiya jodi... She truly rocks in BVD.2010-01-18 23:47:54
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niveditha 13 years ago She is so honest..... Love her!!!!!!!!!!!
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cemre 13 years ago she is the best cracter in bhagya vidhata
............. I love this lady...
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Nishtha 13 years ago awwwwwwwww... thanks for the lovely tidbits of Richa...thats such a honest statement about taking advice from others..humility personified :)

Thanks again :D2010-01-17 04:19:07
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smartc 13 years ago Thank u for the interview. Nice knowing what Richa's likes & preferences are towards fashion :)
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chronic 13 years ago I wish they'd asked her a question on what's going to happen in Bhagya Vidhata in the upcoming track.........
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