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"I do jogging to stay fit." - Simran Kaur

Pretty Simran Kaur is a fitness freak and does workout thrice to remain in shape. She believes in eating healthy food to stay fit and shares her stay fit mantra with TellyBuzz.

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TV actress Simran Kaur who was last seen in Sony TV's Anamika, exercises to stay fit and fine. She also jogs to maintain her health.

Let's see what Simran has to share with us regarding her fitness secret

What does fitness mean to you?

For me fitness means a person should be fit enough to do more physical activity.

What's your idea of fitness?

Being healthy and a person needs to be fit.

What efforts do you take to be in shape?

Nothing much I do workout thrice a week.

Are you conscious about your food choices?

No,I eating everything and to burn the calories, I do jogging to stay fit.

Is there any sport you are skilled at?

I was skilled at basketball previously during my school times but now I have forgotten playing it.

A celeb body you admire?

Shilpa Shetty. I think she has a perfect body and looking at her figure no one can tell her that she is the mother of a child.

What is your fitness secret?

I am a typical Punjabi so I eat lots of butter and all the food items. Then I exercise to burn the calories.

A fitness tip for your fans?

Don't overdo anything, stay fit and healthy, eat everything but in limit. 


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-Mahima- 6 years ago Love u simran!!!!!!!!!
miss anamika!! hope to see u bck on screen soon!!
jenny156 6 years ago Aww!!! So nice to see an article on u after such a long time!!!
Shilpa Shetty is a great choice (Y) .. Miss you Simran Kaur, come back sooon!!!
LadyMacbeth 6 years ago Love you Simran Kaur , my beautiful barbie doll
shinus 6 years ago I was skilled at basketball previously during my school times but now I have forgotten playing it. I am really confused how could somebody forget the sport you are skilled...
-bonbon- 6 years ago Love you Simran Kaur! You're a princess. Please come back soon :)
..Roopal.. 9 years ago love ranveer singh...don't want sonakshi with him...sonakshi is not at all talented...
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