"I believe in blind dates because it is an interesting concept." - Narayani Shastri

Bold and Beautiful Narayani Shastri likes surprises and wants to go at an adventure place for an ideal date.

Narayan Shastri on Elle Magazine September IssueOur Thursday column is dedicated to the 'Singletons of Tellywood.' Narayani Shastri who was seen in Zee TV's Phir Subah Hogi is on the hot seat of our eligible bachelors column this week. Let's see what this eligible bachelorette of the Tellywood industry Narayani has to share with us.

Are you seeing anyone?

Yes I am.

What is a first thing you notice in a guy?

I like tall men, usko basics pata hone chahiye like how to carry yourself and he should give me a warm welcome.

What's the first things that puts you off the most in a guy?

Being Kanjoos. I don't like people counting money every now and then and telling itna spend kiya and all. I hate it, its very cheap type.

What would your ideal date be?

Somewhere outdoor or at an adventure place.

Which gift would you prefer to pick for your date?

I love surprises. It should be in a dramatic way, I will love it.

Do you believe in blind dates?

Yes, I do believe in blind dates because it is an interesting concept.

If you could mix one Hollywood and one Bollywood actor to create your prince, then whom would you choose?

That will be Amitabh Bachchan and Chris Hemsworthy.

Your idea for perfect proposal?

It should be in a grand gesture, dramatic way which I  will love it, but it should not be in a restaurant and other places as that's quite irritating for me.




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Best of luck narayani, hope you get your love soon, god bless you,

10 years ago

narayani you are a wonderful actress. Come bk to the screen..

10 years ago

w8ing whn will the movie releae?? nicee promoo...:-P

13 years ago

I just love the songs...waiting for this movie eagerly...

13 years ago

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