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"I am quite conscious about my food choices" -Piyush Sahdev

Piyush Sahdev shared his fitness secret with TellyBuzz.

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Telly actor Piyush Sahdev is seen in Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke show on Zee TV. The fit actor works out and is very conscious about his food choices to maintain his shape.

What does fitness mean to you? What is the idea of fitness?

When I work out I get into a new life and when I don't work out I literally go into depression. Even when I am stressed out or feeling sleepy and the moment I work out I really feel fresh, I feel good, I feel happy. I don't know what happens, kuch happy hormones aa jate hai after work out.

What efforts do you take to stay in shape?

There are lot of efforts as it is not easy to stay in shape being a Punjabi. I was really fat when I came into this industry. So yes I took many efforts as I said it's not easy, you need to control your tongue, be very dedicated and disciplined in life.

Are you conscious about your food choices?

Yes, I am quite conscious about my food choices.

Do you take protein supplements?

Yes, I do take because it is very important to take proteins. Natural protein you can get only to a certain amount and the amount which you need, you get from the protein supplement.

Is there any sports you are skilled at?

I am a black belt in martial art; I am not able to practice it now as I don't get time. I like to watch and play cricket though I don't get time.

A celebrity's body you admire?

Hrithik Roshan.

What is your fitness secret?

There is no secret as I have told you everything.

A fitness tips for your fan?

As one follows their daily routine of brushing, taking bath, eating sleeping and more, similarly one must workout seriously and you will be fit.

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busybee.. 6 years ago Badly missing on the show piyush hope ur feeling good :)
Tc love u Heart
sizzlingtrisha 6 years ago Get well soon Piyush Your awesome as Kabir Tripathi
Nithyastyle 6 years ago Mahiush we are missing u ... poor rachna she is doing all justice to her role...managing really good in your absence..We hope see u both together again...
sidholic 6 years ago Piyush Sahdev u rock as Kabir!!
We r missing u
Sapne suhane ladakpan ke rocks!!!
Theta14 6 years ago missing u a lot these days..
you are doing great as kabeer in saapne suhane ..

keep rocking

parmarA 6 years ago Piyush we are missing you in these days in sslpk.Come back soon.Hope you are feeling better.You rock as Kabir.Sapne suhane ladakpan ke rock
crtkelly 6 years ago Hope you are feeling better Piyush, missing you so much on Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke. You absolutely rock as Kabir!
sidholic 6 years ago Luv u Piyush Sahdev!
Luved the interview :-)
Get well soon n we r missing u a lot in sslk
parmarA 6 years ago Love you piyush.I am hoping that you are improving dear.Come back soon.Missing you in the show sapne suhane ladakpan ke.You rock as Kabir
busybee.. 6 years ago Awww love u mr. Piyush Sahdev :) loved the interview. I hope u r fine now :) get well soon really missing u on the show :)
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