"I am happy with my single status!" - Jaya Bhattacharya

Happy with her current state of mind, Jaya is surprised by the mindset of people around her.

Jaya Bhattacharya who is currently seen as Maham Anga in Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap and as Diti in Devon Ke Dev. Mahadev is a happy go lucky lady in real life. 

Busy with her work, Jaya is so happy with her life that she is enjoying her single status too. Saying that she is waiting for the right man to come in her life Jays says, "If I get someone who is thoughtful, understanding, has good manners and upbringing and who can be my friend too, I am willing to get married. However, this does not mean that I am looking around. In fact I am happy with my single status."

However, her single status also became a nuisance for her says Jaya, "After my breakup few years back, I was surprised that some of my male friends tried to pursue me. I was completely shocked with the mindset of such people who cannot accept the fact that a woman can stay alone and be happy. It was a major setback for me."

Jaya is known for being her true self all the time and her tough attitude helped her sail smoothly through this too. So, what message does she have for such people? "Don't mess with me or harass me!" 

An animal activist and dog lover in real life, Jaya has two dogs keeping her company all the time and she says they also act as her bodyguard, "If anyone tries to act funny or come close to me unnecessarily I will order my dogs on them."

A no-nonsense person that Jaya is, remember when she says that, she definitely means it, so mind it!

Seema Khot Mattoo


Jaya Bhattacharya Devon Ke Dev. Mahadev  Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap 

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atominis 6 years ago It's her life and if she's happy then who's anyone else to interfere? She's doing very well in Maharana Pratap and Devon Ke Dev Mahadev. She's a talented and independent woman. I wish her all the best in life.
rishabgosavi 6 years ago she is awesome actrees n just love her as diti n maha manga
Krilovad 6 years ago Maharanapratap rocks show... love so much.
br200910 6 years ago Love MahaRanaPratap... Jaya bhattachary ur super actress .. all acting super.2013-11-21 22:27:38
jmoyee200 6 years ago Maha Rana Pratap super show... all r best..
Marathi_Mulgi 6 years ago it should be her decision how she want to be single or not!
she is good actress and doing well in maharana pratap
CHAVI5050 6 years ago MahaRanapratap super rocks show...all artist best.
Proud-India 6 years ago I like actress forever.

Best as Diti & Maha manga
foram. 6 years ago jaya ma'am you going awesome job as diti in dkdm.
god bless you
JasminBhasinFan 9 years ago Happy Birthday to my favorite John Abraham:)
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