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"I am a very homely person"-Shaheer Sheikh

Shaheer Sheikh, the new face, Anant, of of Star Plus' new show Navya speaks to Telly Buzz about his journey in the industry that finally landed up with Navya...

Shaheer Sheikh played the cheerful and the fun filled music lover, Veer, in Disney Channel's Kya Mast Hain Life.

And today he plays the soft hearted and calm boy with principles, Anant, in Siddharth Tiwary's new show on Star Plus, Navya. With only a few episodes on air, Shaheer has already gained gained a lot of appreciation for his role.

He is a multitalented guy, a lawyer by profession and an actor by accident. Here he speaks his heart out.

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Take us through your journey of how you got into acting.
Acting is not something that I had planned but something that just happened to me by default. I was doing my LLB in Pune when a friend of mine had called from Mumbai. He is a director here in the industry and asked me to give auditions. I got selected after the auditions and got into acting. 

What were the other shows that you did before Navya happened?
Before Navya I did Kya Mast Hai Life in Disney Channel and Jhansi ki Rani.

Can you tell us about your character in Navya?
Anant is a guy who has his own set of principles and hence, he wants things to go his own way. He will get married to the girl his parents choose for him. He is a guy of today who respects his family a lot.

Which point of time in your life have you struggled the most?
I had to struggle a lot when I was doing Event Management and when I was a model in Pune for four years.  

Tell us something about your nature?
I am a homely person who shares everything with my parents and love them a lot. I am a gadget freak and loves music and watching movies at home. Since I love dancing, I do go to the clubs at times. I am a straight forward guy and like people who are genuine and honest. I am a typical Arien, so it is tough for me to work under someone. I am a non smoker and a non alcoholic person.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
I see myself as a director and want to travel and discover new places as much as I can.

Are you a party animal or a home person?
A home person.

Your passion is? 
I want to create music in future and even want to do editing. Also, photography is something I enjoy and love.

Favourite Films
Anadaz Apna Apna and Benhur

Favourite actors:
I like Al Pacino, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and Salman Khan and among the actresses I used to like Angelina Jolie and I love Jessica Alba and in Bollywood its Kareena Kapoor.

How is it working with Swastik Pictures and Siddharth Tiwary?
So far the journey has been good and I hope it all goes fine ahead as well.

What are your interests other than acting?
Photography, Music and Direction.

Can you cook? Are you a foodie?
I love cooking and I am a big foodie. I need Pizza or Pasta at least once a week because I love Cheese.

How did the interest in photography happen?
I was working with a few photographers and someone told me that I click well so I should make their Portfolio and thus photography happened to me.

Are you seeing someone? Describe your dream girl
I am not seeing anyone and I am totally single. My dream girl would be someone who is honest and needs to be intelligent. Her height should be 5 7". She should not be lazy, because I am.

You are very popular among kids.
I love the response that I get and the kids are so genuine. It's so beautiful when they come up to me telling Vir bhaiya, we love u so much and they also hug me telling that I am very sweet. It's really good to know that people are appreciating my work.

Tell some interesting incident from the sets of Navya?
We have this character in the show called Appy. She is an amazing dancer and she teaches me belly dancing whenever we guys get a free time.

Did your family consent easily when you said you want to be an actor?
Yup; my mom was pretty cool with it and had no problems, but dad asked me to return to Jammu and work there. But he never forced me for anything. My parents have been very supportive throughout and always told me not to lie to them about what I do.

You were spotted at the world cup finals; are you a cricket lover and are you following the IPL?
Yes, I am a cricket lover and I had played for a club in Jammu where I had my own team formed and played for two years. But IPL is something I am not looking forward to, as basically I don't have the time for it right now because of my shoots.

Your philosophy of life.
I have come to this world for a reason and I need to do something for mankind. People always teach and never preach. I want to explore all the creations of God.

Ek Titli ?
It is an NGO who is trying to conserve nature and save the environment and I do believe that our surroundings need to be taken care of.


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