"Bakhtiyaar was hamstrung because of me" -Tanaaz Irani

Tanaaz Irani vents her spleen about her fellow Big Boss 3 inmates after her elimination from the Lonavala house last night!

Tanaaz Irani's marriage became open to the public thanks to her participation
with husband Bakhtiyaar in Colors' Big Boss 3. However, Tanaaz talks of how this show has done nothing to bring cracks in her marriage and how it has earned her two new friends.

Over to Tanaaz…

How was the experience of Big Boss 3?
I have a 17 year old daughter and whatever I did inside was a message to her. I had to be good for she needed to be taught that come what may, you always have to go by the book. There is no excuse to slip up. And I am glad that I succeeded in that mission.
I might have said some rough things but they happened in the heat of the moment, never ever did I indulge in willful negative tactics. Over all, I really had to control myself; for the environment in there was such that you want to talk bad about people who don't help in the daily chores.
Going by the same token, I really wonder how the others would face up to their children, and wives, after all the manipulations and back bitching, they shamelessly indulged in.

Come clean on the constant allegations that you and Bakhtiyaar played as a team?
God, it's crystal clear that we never discussed eliminations, unlike the others who always worked in packs.

You and Bakhtiyaar had lots of fights?
Don't all couples fight?!  I can say with pride no other couple would have survived this house without breaking up for the other inmates were playing down right dirty pool. My hubby is a simple guy and his main grouse was that why, I was not reacting like he was? I had an inkling of what was going on but did not want to complicate matters and further I never believe in hearsay. It was only later that things become clear that Rohit and others were indeed talking bad behind our backs.
I had told Bakhtiyaar that our marriage is too strong to be affected by 9 strangers who don't even know whether they are coming or going. I also can't understand the fuss over the little intimate moments between me and my husband. 

Bakhtiyaar was giving lots of attention to Claudia?
Oh that part was just copy pasted and edited. I am no dumb wife, who will ignore such things. I know Bakhtiyaar and he actually was unhappy with them bringing in a firangi in the first place.

Are you surprised that you were voted out rather than Bakhtiyaar?
No frankly I wanted to get out, for he really wanted to play the game. And it's very important for a husband's pride to fight his own battles. He was earlier hamstrung because of me. Now that he is free I just hope that he gives them good, it will also make for good TRPs.

Bakhtiyaar's birthday falls tomorrow?
I request India to pray for Bhakityaar for he is living with such bad people.

Even you were playing games?
This house is such that you can't play games 24*7, your mask has to fall off, just as Rohit and Poonam's true characters came out. I was what I was.

Good you took names, talk a bit about Rohit?
Honestly I don't want to give too much attention to him, he needs a shrink to find out why is he behaving like this. He tried to ruin my reputation just for a game. That's not done. Even if he wins I don't care for he will not have a single true friend. I just hope he disappears.

Poonam ji?
It's quite sad that a lady who claims to do so many prayers can be so weak eared.  Could she not have just come up to me and asked what the matter was.

Ismail Darbar said that he was unhappy with you ,for you left your young son behind?
Who is he to tell me how to lead my life?

Your take on Vindoo?
He is a quite dumb and goes on talking. His behavior with Sherlyn was just not acceptable. He should understand that his father has a big reputation in the industry which he should uphold.

You pulled Raju  Shrivastav's shorts?
Did they show that? God! But come on when you come to a pool party, you should have brains enough to wear something underneath. We were so embarrassed, after it happened that we ran away. Having said, that, he took it quite sportingly.

Among all the lot  who would you call your friends?
I have made two very good friends in this house, they are Shamita and Aditi. It seems last year no contestants got close to anybody. Hence the fact that I have made not one but two friends shows that I am special.

What will happen next?
After targeting me, they will now move on to Bakhtiyaar, Shamita and Aditi. All the good people are being systematically eliminated.

Who will win?
I don't care. These people are in it, only for the money, which can be earned by other dignified ways as well. The acid test would be 6 months down the road when we will see who has more work!

Will you return via the Wild card?
Yes I want to get back and I will. This time I will go fully prepared and play the game, with gusto, I will really give it back. It's paramount that good triumphs for otherwise the message will go out that such kind of trash behavior is acceptable. 

Reporter and Author: Anil Merani

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Comments (17)

aapko kya problem he wo koi bhi ho....
ye uska private matter hain .. aap bich me kyun pad rhe ho
waise bhi yahan bat tanz n bakti ki ho rhi he na k Alankrita ki .......:D


14 years ago

frank answers..and i love her for that! but on a parting note she said that she wants to be back via wild card...earlier she said that she wanted to get out for bakhtiyaar wanted to play???!?!?!?!? LOL

14 years ago

BUT BHAKTIYAR HAS PROVED TO BE ANOTHER HUSBAND STRIKEN WITH BIG MALE EGO,ALL MEN R DOWN WITH THEIR EGOES,but the most irritating thing about him is that he cries like a small baby that too every other minute
he cries toooooooooooooooo much sometimes I feel like-ughhhhhhh !!!!
he looks aweoful doing this rubbish crying act every now n then
I know people r senti n men can be equally touchy but he is just to much

14 years ago

i really liked her attitude in the show..good for her tht she knows who is who in tht madhouse

14 years ago

Dear Tanaaz, I am very proud of the way you have conducted yourself in the house. Good should always TRIUMPH over EVIL. WISHING YOU ALL THE VERY BEST IN LIFE IN WHATEVER YOU DO.

14 years ago

good interview...it will be nice to see her back wid da wild card...wud wanna see Rohits reaction on dat...hahah

14 years ago

awww nice interview....i really want her to cum back..but before dat bakhti needs to get out..so that she can be her self..Goooo Tanaaz..

14 years ago

Happy for Tanaaz that she came out with dignity. great! She is a mature woman and good actress. Sad that She had problems with a noble personality like Ismail durbar. I have great respect for him as he is an extremely talented music director with good manners.

14 years ago

tanaaz n good puhleaseeeeee.....vindu will win this!

14 years ago

I hope Tanaaz comes back thru wild card and bajaao band of Rohit...

14 years ago

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