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"Aziz uncle's son taught me cricket" - Amit Verma

I have always been told you are a soft, sweet guy, chocolate kinds.. I told myself "there will be 1 day when I will be playing a great character and probably I will prove it that yes I can do something different".

Published: Friday,Oct 10, 2008 12:07 PM GMT-06:00
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How does it feel after Kismat Konnection - your debut in Bollywood has been such a big hit?

Feels great, feels really proud to be a part of the film, which is successful because it is very easy to say a film is not good. People don’t realize what kind of hard work one puts in, glad that people realized it this time and it’s a great feeling, it’s awesome.

How did you land up with the role in the film?

Aziz uncle’s son Haroun happens to be my neighbor for lots of years earlier when I was staying in Shivaji Park, but that time I was a child and he was the one who taught me cricket. Then suddenly he met me 2 years back and was shocked to see me because he couldn’t imagine that I have grown up so much and then he just kept me in mind. When Kismat Konnection happened he had already done the casting for this particular character, but somehow he just happen to read an article of mine somewhere and he remember me and called me, tested me and all was well after that.

3 You've been seen as a chocolate boy hero type on television. How was it playing a gray character?

It was great, I have always been told, that you are a soft, sweet guy and chocolate kinds.. I told myself “there will be 1 day when I will be playing a great character and probably I will prove it that yes I can do something different”. I m glad it happened in movie instead of television show, that’s all the more reason because everyone is going to see it now.

Your character in the film is shown as a person who truly has a materialistic mentality as he uses people for his convenience. Have you come across such people in your life? What is your personal take on such people?

I think a lot of people are like that. The world has become very practical and emotions have taken a back seat now, because the need of the hour is money, fame and your popularity. I have seen a lot of such people
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and I don’t think I belong to that category, but it will be wrong to say I m not materialistic, to extend I m. And I have come across lot of such people, so it was a little easier for me to play such a character, because I know such people.
I think they are too materialistic, you should be a little more balanced in life. So my take on such people is that it’s great to be materialistic, its great to be practical in life but that really doesn’t mean that you should do it, at the cost of hurting someone. So you should do it in a more balanced way, that you really don't cause much harm to someone.

You are seen cheating your partner before marriage in the film. What would you do if such an incident happened with you?

First of all I don’t think it will happen because I don’t believe in this particular thing. But if all at it happens, I would be exactly the way I was in the film, in the sense were my answer is concerned “ Ok fine this is the way it is and sorry I got carried away or whatever the reason it is I don't want to lie anything from you, this has happened, it’s totally your call, leave me or don't leave me, because I have already messed up, so now you have the last thing, whatever you want” I think that’s what I would say.

How was it working with Shahid and Vidhya?

It’s been great, I have been really lucky to work with such co-stars, because they are of course big stars but they really didn’t make me feel that they are so big. In fact in television, lot of television personality feels that they are too big for their shoe and they have a lot of attitude but after seeing these film people I would just give a piece of advice to them:
“Just go watch and obverse them and you will be shocked because they are such huge stars but they are so down to earth, I mean you feel that they are just one of you”.
It was great experience and they are lovely people to work with. In my first shot I was very nervous and had butterflies in my stomach but they were really co-operative, they rehearsed with me, made me feel at ease and after that everything just went with the flow.

We have heard that you are producing Kahe Gaye Pardesh Piya. How true is this?

What is that?? I don’t even know.. Me producing a movie!!! Noooo, I wish I could, if I had that much of money then I would have launched myself.

How has the industry's response been to your role in Kismat Konnection? Have you signed any new films after that?

People have responded very well, they liked my performance, they found it very natural. One thing I really regret is that which everyone has told me including the industry and outsiders that I could have looked much better because I was looking a little on the heavier side, I was not really prepared for the film it just came into my pocket So I was not at my fittest best. If you are talking about looks then I m quite disappointed because I know I look much better than what I did in the film so I will work on that department, that’s one feedback on what everyone said. Performance wise very one found it very real, natural and they are very happy with it.
Other offers, yes there are a lot of offers coming in but I haven’t really finalized on anything yet, because I want that my second film has to be at least thrice better than, what my first film was in terms of looks, role everything so I m taking it easy right now.

A sign off note and message to your fans...

Thank you so much for appreciating me and my work in Kismat Konnection and for whatever I have done and please have patience because I will definitely be doing something very big soon. And keep loving me the way u have always have. Thanks a lot for everything.

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