Shikhar Dhawan expresses longing for son Zoravar in emotional birthday post: I've been blocked from everywhere

Shikhar Dhawan took to his social media account and shared an emotional post for his son Zoravar

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Zoravar and Shikhar Dhawan

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan shared an emotional message to mark his son Zoravar's birthday. Although Dhawan is currently not part of the Indian national team, he serves as the captain for the Punjab Kings in the Indian Premier League.

While maintaining his professional commitments, Dhawan has faced personal challenges following his separation from wife Ayesha Mukherjee. 

Expressing the difficulties of being unable to meet Zoravar in person for a year, Dhawan disclosed that he has been blocked from all virtual platforms for communication with his son.

Reflecting on the last time he saw Zoravar in person a year ago, Dhawan now relies on telepathy to convey his birthday wishes. Despite the distance, he expressed pride in his son's growth and wished him happiness on this special day.

Sharing the same Shikhar wrote, "It's been a year since I saw you in person, and now, for almost three months, I've been blocked from everywhere so Posting the same picture to wish you, my boy, a very Happy Birthday. Even if I can't connect with you directly, I connect with you through Telepathy. I am so proud of you, and I know you're doing great and growing up nicely."

 Despite the physical separation, Dhawan shared that he writes daily messages to Zoravar, expressing his care and providing updates from his own life.

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