"Ashish Sharma was working on 'Rangrasiya', when this idea STRUCK me"

says actress wife and now writer and producer, Archana Taide on their upcoming film..


Loving couple and actor duo, Ashish Sharma and Archana Taide are all set and rolling to present their first ever feature film, Khejdi, which will be premiering in an upcoming film festival next week.

This film is Ashish's next project after Prithvi Vallabh as an actor, and his debut as a writer and producer, where Archana has also co-written and co-produced it. But, that's all we know about the film so far, isn't it?

Hence, in a conversation with Archana, we got to talking about how the idea of making the film happened to her and Ashish and what is film about amongst many other things.

How did the idea of this story and making it into a film happen to you?

So, it all dates back to when Ashish and I got married in 2013. Ashish's father is a writer and poet himself. So, one fine day, he went on to share a story with Ashish thinking he would love it. Called Sanjha, Ashish loved it and shared it with me. The moment I read it, I started visualizing it as a screenplay and was absolutely touched by the story. I loved it so much that I told Ashish about when we create a banner, this story has to be one of our films. At that time, Ashish was working on Rangrasiya. But, then when the more talked about it, I started writing it and then we decided this has to be made under our banner.

Everybody knows you for the actress that you are, but not many know about your writing talent. How did writing happen to you?

Just like many, I wanted to write since I was a kid. But honestly, never really gave too much thought into it. In fact, when I was in college, I was pursuing journalism. Writing articles and different pieces was something I absolutely loved to do. But, the moment I shifted to anchoring and later TV, and hence journalism took a backseat and so did writing. The only habit that I never got rid of was writing in my diary. So, one day, Ashish just came across my diary and read it. That is when he told me, 'you should do it more. You are a writer and you write like screenplays.' I did not give too much thought initially, but then I started writing and I shared the story with my friend from the regional industry. She loved it so much that she gave me my first screenplay for a regional show. The show became a hit there. Later, I wrote for three or four other regional shows too, and by God's grace, all of them have been successful. When I was acting in Qubool Hai, I began writing Khejdi and have been working on it ever since. Hence, it truly is extremely special to me and Ashish both.

Tell us about the film.

Unfortunately, I cannot reveal too much about the film. But, here's what I can tell you. It's a proper feature film and it's a story about a human being who is trying to figure out something in the society and making his way through the many norms and other things. It's about a transgender. And through the same, we are questioning the society on the stereotypes and apprehensions that surface around them and other things too. I mean, the society can be such a hypocrite about all these things at times and we are questioning each and everything.

As you mentioned, it's a feature film. So, do we see it officially releasing?

First, we are planning for the festival market. Once, the film travels to all the different festivals; based on the response, we will see and plan what to do about it later. Honestly, when we made it, we did not think about the money or anything like that. It was just a story, we wanted to tell and was really dear to us. 

You have been absent from the acting space for while. Do we see you acting in any assignment soon? Tell us something about it.

Absolutely. I will and can never stop acting. You will soon see me in a new film. But again, just like Khejdi, I cannot reveal much about this too (laughs). But, something is coming up soon.

We wish both Ashish and Archana all the best for the film! 
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