"Akshay Is A Very Down To Earth, Normal, North Indian Guy" ~ Sudhanshu

Sudhanshu Pandey speaks about his working experience with Akshay Kumar, Jackie Chen and his upcoming film Singh Is Kinng!

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"Akshay Is A Very Down To Earth, Normal, North Indian Guy" ~ Sudhanshu

With the rage increasing for Singh is Kinng we sit down with Sudhanshu Pandey who plays the role of Raftar Singh in this Friday's release! A look at his past roles from television and singing talent to his upcoming films Singh Is Kinng and Alibaug, Sudanshu takes us on a journey through his career.

Tell us about your role in Sing Is King? How is it different from characters you have played in the past?

Well all the characters I played in the past are without “Turbans” so that makes my role very different in this film (he says jokingly)! I don’t think you do a film very often where you get to play a Sardar with a turban. I play the role of a character named Raftar Singh whose name is justified. The film is about a gang of sardars and I man the “Schumacher” of the gang - the most short tempered serious guy who happens to be the driver for the group. If we have to chase someone I am the one who is driving so basically he is like the “Schumacher” of the gang driving fast and so "Raftar" is such an apt name.

How did this role come your way?

My business manager got me this project from Vipul Shah. Its probably the first time I got a call for a job and I agreed to the film immediately because it is a very very unique concept and I think everybody will agree on that once they watch the film!

You have worked with Akshay Kumar previously in film like Khiladi 420. Is Akshay any different today when he has reached new peaks of stardom from his earlier days as an actor who was still establishing himself?

On a personal level he is not different at all! Akshay is a very very basic, down to earth, normal North Indian guy. If I had to explain his personality in one word I would call him “Desi”. He is a pure Desi with no hang ups at all. He has been like a brother to me and he is an inspiring chap for anybody who is junior to him. You can see him and get inspired by the way he deals with the people around him so professionally and the way he keeps his fitness regime. One can really learn so much from him!

From one action hero to the next – you have also worked along side Jackie Chen in The Myth. How was the experience in working in a cinema different from our own? And how was it working with the master of action Jackie Chen?

Very different! The 1st difference I saw in is that there was no food there for somebody like me! I had to survive on yogurts, fruits and juices, for the 25 days so that wasa unique experience for me. But the exciting part was that I got to work with Jackie Chen and even fight him in the film. It was fantastic working with Jackie and again he is a very very simple and down to earth person. He also come from nowhere, having been a stunt man and then became one of the most famous action heroes. It was great fun working with Jackie as I wanted to know about Bruce Lee and many of the other actors he has worked with. I have to say working with Jackie Chen was a great experience!

You were initially seen in television shows like Kanyadaan and then made the transition over to Bollywood?

No, I started my career in bollywood as my first film was Khiladi 420 and simultaneously I had done this show on television. Television was much smaller and controlled at that time and Kanyadaan was one of the prime shows on television as there were hardly any channels. Since the show was a weekly, I had taken it up but I haven't had the opportunity to do much on television after that. I did do a small series on Sony a couple of years back but that was again a weekly. I had taken that up because they paid me well and it was a very big show at that time. Now I don't intend to go back to television at all specially fiction, unless I get a to host a reality show!

How has your journey been in bollywood?

Fantastic and it’s looking even better now because the kind of films I am doing!

You are a multi-talented person. In your upcoming film Alibaug your voice will also be heard as a singer. How does it feel to give playback for the same film you are acting in?

It feels amazing! I have actually done it in the past when I was with Band of boys as we had made a film named Kiss Kis Ko. I had given playback in that film for myself and our band had even composed the music. I also sang in my last film Dus Kahaniyaan. Actually I had given up on singing completely because I was concentrating on my acting career. However, it was Sanjay Gupta that dragged me to the studio to sing and that’s how Dus Kahaniyan and Alibaug have happened. I have sung 3-4 songs in Alibaug so I am really excited about the film.

A singer and an actor and now will we see you donning any more good movies in the future? What are your future projects?

You will only see me in good projects and good films! If you ever catch me doing a bad film,please hold me to ransom. You can personally give me a call and scold me!!!

A message for your fans?

My fans please keep loving me and I love you all! I really need your support all my life because I am going to work really hard so please keep supporting and appreciating me and my work!

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