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Pyaar Ka Bandhan to end on April 22nd..

After Jeet Jayenge Hum, Sony has now decided to end Pyaar Ka Bandhan, produced by Balaji Telefilms..

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Sony Entertainment Television is going in for yet another revamp in its fiction programming, and the first decision was made when they decided to end Jeet Jayenge Hum.

We had reported earlier that Jeet Jayenge Hum, produced by Benaifer Kohli will be ending on April 22nd. We had mentioned that Sukh By Chance and Pyaar Ka Bandhan are also under the scanner.

The latest is that the channel has instructed Balaji Telefilms to wrap up Pyar Ka Bandhan very soon.

A little birdie tells us, "We had earlier heard that Pyaar Ka Bandhan would be safe till August. But today we have been informed by the channel that we need to wrap up shoot very soon. Our last airing date will be April 22nd. We have been told to finish shoot in the next few days. So it is going to be a fast forward end, as we were not prepared for it".
Kritika Kamra who essays the role of Pratkeesha, confirmed the news and said, "Yes, I have just now been informed by the production house that we have to wind up shoot very soon, and the show would be going off air in the last week of April. But this does not come as a shock for us, as the news of Pyaar Ka Bandhan ending has been there for many a months now".

Pyaar Ka Bandhan will have a happy ending wherein all the siblings will unite, along with their mother.

We tried calling Ajay Bhalwankar, Programing Head, Sony but he asked us to call on Friday, as he was busy in an outstation meeting.

Guess Pyaar Ka Bandhan will get into a fast forward mode now…

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh, Pooja Shenoy
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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arjuhi_kmh 9 years ago luv u kritika want u back in kmh3! miss u so much
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garvitaarora 10 years ago luv u kritzi.................................
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munni_sheela 10 years ago finally
happy to know PraSha will be together
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mz.intoxicated 10 years ago Extremely disappointing!! If only PraSha were part of another show, I wouldn't be frustrated to hear about PKB ending... So sad, but Vivan and Kritika were only wasted in the show... They would have been better in another show!!!!
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shibz 10 years ago u kno May,its tru dat d system is nw changd unlyk befo it wz d producers dominatin ova d channel but nw its d other way roun.But trust me,krits wz really bugd wit dis sho,she wantd to do a KMH2 but tuk up dis coz she cudnt deny Balaji' offer n nw shez glad dat PKB hz gone off-air n vry hapy wit her comin projects.believ me,if u had PKB u wud stil miss krits as prats if she opted out n u kno hw much v fought for our beloved sho KMH.du u hav ny idea of d crazy fan followin n d num of signatures a petition hz in jus 3 days?d num of mails sent n d respons dat comes frm d channel.its only den dat d channel realized its worth but wz 2 late 2 change d schedules instead d channel did try 2 make us hapy in mny ways by givin us d last promo wich otherwise a sho goin off-air dus nt get,by sendin apologies to fans n nw d reruns of KMH is bein shown n believ me d reruns r doin realy gud,much beta dan PKB 1st runs,it hz sponsors n d 1st run of KMH lead d show to d top50 wher as PKB s nowher in top100.inspite of dat KMH had bin wrapd up abrubtly,den u cn imagine its obvious fo a sho lyk PKB coz at d end of d day its busines n chanel has 2 go for it.moreova KMH ws jus aroun 8 months old n wz specifically a luv story n so i think if PKB dint hav too much of prash n if d creatives din mov away frm d original script,d sho wud've cot sum TRPs.Also,wen KMH ended kk wz in tears n fo krits,it wz not sinkin in,she said wz al abrupt n dey wer hurt d way d show wz treated.u kno jus 3 weeks befo d sho went off-air,der wz dis rumour bout KMH endin but d channel jus cleared it off statin dat jus d jail track was goin to b closed n every1 believd it n 1 dark day d confirmd news cums wen none cud help it.KMH wz ended wen stil 1/2 d story wz pendin n d creatve wz realy mad at d der is no channel 2day dat every1 lyks.if one talks bout ppl bein happy for PKB goin off-air fo thei selfish reasons,den i believ every1 of us s selfish fo v want OUR fav sho on-air,irrespectiv o...
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pallavi25 10 years ago I have no expectations from SONY channel anymore after the way they ended promising shows like Ladies Special and Bhaskar Bharti! SONY SUCKS BIGTIME!2010-04-18 09:12:48
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rresham 10 years ago im going to miss prasha....but it's def. wats best for them :) i think they were dragging it too much with repeated things happening....i can't wait for the ending though!!2010-04-15 17:16:34
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mchopra 10 years ago hello from where are they going to get all together in one week thats 3 epi..pls we dont want a ending like KMH we were all scratching our heads then too
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kmhfan4destiny 10 years ago im very happy pkb is gonna get over!!!!!!!!!!!!!They dragged it 22222 much
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Rafa.LunaPotter 10 years ago Wow....finally!!!
PraSha together..though me will miss them!!!
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