Purva agrees to give Prem away in Behenein..

Purva's decision to hand over Prem's custody to the maid shocks Smriti in Star Plus' Behenein..

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Purva's (Alisha Khan) life in Star Plus and Hats Off Productions' Behenein is again in doldrums, and this time it is the unfortunate death of the little girl Puckhi that is the reason for trouble.

Puchki's kidnap and death has upset her mother, and she now demands a compensation from Purva. She comes up with the shocking demand of getting Prem's custody in return for her daughter. As we know, Puchki's mother has given Purva a time of two days to reconcile and accept the decision.

Our source states, "Purva's decision will in all probability upset Smriti (Shiju Kataria). In due course of time, Purva and the entire family agree to give Prem away to the maid. But Smriti who overhears this creates a ruckus at home as she does not approve Purva's decision. An adamant Smriti will tell Purva that she could probably wait for the day when she would deliver her kid and give that to the maid. This will create a lot of differences between the sisters".

Shiju confirms, "Yes, such a track is on but I can't divulge further details".

Let's see how this track goes about now..

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar

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_Sapphire_ 9 years ago She never agree to give Prem away, instead she giving her baby so that Smriti would never have to feel any pain of Prem being with the maid
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ruchira23 10 years ago i think whatever purva does is just for showing of herself as mahaan. she got married to mihir for smriti and when she recovered she did n't give back her husband and son and now this stupidity.......
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Sid4TeamCanada 10 years ago go smriti! WELL SAID! yeah purva - if u r SUCH ALTRUISTIC, why don't u wait for YOUR DELIVERY DATE and hand over THAT BABY!
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KW_lovez 10 years ago just hate purva....so annoying she is...
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-Khushi- 10 years ago nice story line......now wat will happen????
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guddididi 10 years ago looks like this is now a comedy show............stupid story and stupid track..its a miracle it is still going on............
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stranger.67 10 years ago what a stupid serial!!!the day i saw her sister shamal who look sooo disgusting the way he is partryaed its like he never took his shower from that i said this serial should be the worse...people can be poor and from village but look at akashi's husband lolzzz!!!
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kashforlifex 10 years ago I think this crappy serial should just end. It's so damn boring. The cast and storyline sucks. Seriously. Star Plus can get better shows that this.
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A HUGE FAN 10 years ago That is so wrong, Prem should stay home.
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canadians 10 years ago whats wrong with Purva ? wasnt she suppose to be the good sister? first she gets married to Mahir and then takes all the love rights and evertyhing that was for Smirti and then she is now giving the kid away? ..
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