Prriya Arya and Amita Chandekar get into a tiff...

Prriya Arya and Amita Chandekar stopped talking to each other after a passing comment made by Prriya irked Amita on the sets of Sahara One's Saas V/s Bahu...

Prriya Arya and Amita Chandekar do have Saas-Bahu nok jhoks in Kasturi, but one such argument kicked-off between them on the sets of Sahara One’s Saas V/s Bahu.

All happened when Prriya cracked an on-screen joke on Amita which did not go well with her. “I was casually passing comments on my on screen bahu when I went bit overboard and told that I could not rehearse well for this round because Amita time pe nahi aayi. I also went on to say that I tripped because of her, and she got upset with this”, quips Prriya.

After this, was a cold war on sets as the two did not talk to each other till the last day of shoot. Says Prriya, “I did not realize that she was upset till she started behaving weird with me. Then we had a chat, and I got to know what went wrong. But all was well later as Amita is not the kind who will get into arguments and neither am I. I apologized to her for my stupidity and there ended the matter”.

Amita also echoes her saas’ sentiments and says, “Well, it’s just that Priya and I are very different people. We have different personalities and temperaments. I tend to get touchy about certain things and she doesn’t realize when she says it, so none of us was wrong. Anyway, now the problem is sorted out; we are back to talking terms”.

So all’s well that ends well between the ‘Saas’ and the ‘Bahu’…

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lol , why do they req these nok jhoks ..

15 years ago

oh ho.. these saas bahu nok jhoks.. i tell u...

15 years ago

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