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#PromoReview: Maya's 'DEEWANGI' failed to surprise us this time!

We were never disappointed with Maya but this time we were not even that impressed.


Sony TV's 'Beyhadh' has been providing their audience with enough drama by showcasing Maya's 'deewangi', which has now reached its crescendo (Maya's obsessive and psychotic side comes to fore in front of Arjun).  

Maya gets to know that Arjun attempted to reunite with his family in her absence, which makes her cross all her limits and she ends up accusing Ayaan of raping her and successfully gets him thrown in jail.

Post this, Vandana comes to stay with Arjun and Maya with the hidden motive of uncovering Maya's real truth. Maya, who is always a step ahead of her enemies traps Vandana without any communication to the outside world and starts to mentally harass her. Not only that, she physically abuses her as well.

And the latest promo suggests that Maya may soon head to kill either Vandana or Saanjh, as she has figured out that Vandana and Saanjh are planning to uncover Maya's truth. (We have exclusively reported about Vandana being killed.)

 See the promo below.

In her classic style, Maya tells both Vandana and Saanjh, who are tied up to a chair that "Maya ke liye kabar khodne wale, usse pehle dafan hote hai".

She then faces Saanjh and goes on to say, "Mai dua karungi ki tumhara dobara janam to ho... par tumhe kabhi Maya na mile." And then she shoots one of them.

Honestly, our first reaction to the promo was that we were not shocked. We somehow felt that we have already seen Maya's sinister side before. And the fact that Maya may actually kill either Vandana or Saanjh did not really shock us much.

We are pretty confident of the fact that the actors, as well as the track, will be a head turner for sure. But the makers have set the benchmarks so high with the earlier promos that this one did not really match up to the previous ones.

But having said that, the extreme twists and turns suggest that what 'Beyhadh' treats their loyal viewers with, is something that makes the show a far cry from the regular daily soap dramas.
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rim683 2017-05-05T22:44:45Z Jenny is doing awesome on this show and she totally nailed the character Maya, never seen any TV actresses took risk like this to take a challenging role like her.2017-05-05 22:44:58
vinnas 2017-05-05T22:25:14Z jenney doing outstanding performance to show how much extreme a character to play on screen as "Maya" .she just nails each and every expression every frame to unmatchable accuracy. the show is far better than other daily soaps which struck behind race. it's a daily thriller who satisfies viewers who want to see new element from routine stuff...
just hate psycho Maya to the extent n like alot positive, confident, emotional, vibrant, cool sanjh who tackles Maya with her known strength. Aneri justifies the role picture perfect.
the battle between good n evil getting too interesting day by day.. why behind every promo. the show presenting thrill in every part. just loving it for Jenny outstanding performance and Sanjh who fighting with Maya with every good sense. all the best Behad :) :)
xxMATSxx 2017-05-05T10:43:26Z Jennifer is OUTSTANDING as Maya.

But this show is just fiction and i hope its taken that way.. sometimes it feels like it glorifies possessiveness and presents it in a negative light.
MrsAkyurek 2017-05-05T10:26:47Z Sorta agree. Commenting here for Jennifer Winget. She's the best!
bahi. 2017-05-05T10:02:39Z I don't watch the show anymore, but still I'll say Jenny is killing it as Maya in this promo.
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