Priyanka bani Mrs. Swarit Shukl...

The crowd present on the sets of L'il Champs were in splits when little Swarit Shukl proposes Priyanka Chopra...

The gorgeous Priyanka Chopra is literally swept off her feet, as she receives a marriage proposal from little Swarit Shukl on the sets of Zee TV's SareGaMaPa L'il Champs.

Says our source, "There was a huge roar when Swarit came to the stage with a red rose in hand, and very sweetly questioned the other guest on the show, Harman Baweja whether he can marry Priyanka. When Harman gave him the green signal, Swarit goes to Priyanka with a garland in hand, and to top it all, he sings the song, 'Mujse Shaadi Karogi'".

"The crowd was even more amazed when Priyanka actually accepts his proposal, and the song ends with Swarit putting the garland over Priyanka's neck", adds our source.

Well, we can only wish Mrs. Shukl all the very best at this juncture!!

Catch all the fun and frolic this weekend on Zee's L'il Champs..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (9)

omg if one episode they did the joke it waz ok but noy for the rest of eternity

14 years ago

have anyone noticed swarit isn't too pleased when they bring this topic up?

14 years ago

this episode is being dragged beyond limits. no one cares about the effect it will have on the child's psychology. the boy who was very promising, is sliding in his performances. please please stop this nonsense, do not spoil the child (Swarit)'s musical career and the child himself. PLEASE STOP THIS NONSENSE FORTHWITH.

14 years ago

so chweet. swarit and priyanka will make a very sweet pair. hehehe

14 years ago

@ saw which episode? lol it didn't air airs on saturday

14 years ago

love pc and shes very rocking almost in all films

14 years ago

awwww...this is soo cute! i'm glad she kept the kid happy by being sporting! :-) priyanka's so nice!!

14 years ago

Awwww!!! That is sooo sweet and adorable!!! hehehe can't wait to see that!

14 years ago

awww thats sweets
her tosp looks really nice she looks beautiful as always @Luv-pavi

14 years ago

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