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Priyank Sharma On Relationship with Benfasha: I have not Spoken From 2.5 Years but now when it comes to Ben, No one can mess Around!

Priyank Sharma opens about his relationship with Benfasha and why did it took him so long to come out and accept it in public.


Priyank Sharma recently made his relationship with Benafsha Soonawalla official by posting a picture with the caption, “Confirmation”. The two were seen in the reality show Bigg Boss and since then they share a very special bond.

 In a conversation with India Forums, Priyank opened up about his relationship with Benfasha and his post by saying, “Talking about me and ben, we were actually seeing each other since bigg boss, a lot of people didnt know about it. We didnt ever want to come out till the time there is some sureity and we are figuring ourselves out, it been a good 2.5 years. I have my own reasons that why me and ben never came out and accepted, we will let people know about it very soon.”

He added, “On thing which we are really thankful for is that we have got each other. We found each other inside the BB house, then we took our time to make it more tight as a relationship.”

When asked about being in the public eye and does the negative comments bother him from putting out a post, Priyank said, “It’s actually not about me, it’s more from a girl's point of view. First of all, I did a show like splitsvilla, where actually nobody dates, in the last 12 seasons of splitsvilla, no one has ever dated. That girl who was never my girlfriend, it was a show, people need to understand we do something for entertainment stuff, I am not saying that the bond was wrong. There was a lot of affection but that was a show, we came out of the show, we cleared out our differences. I went to another show, Bigg Boss and another breakup of mine happens there. For splits, we actually shot three months before and in three months, our lives move forward.”

“The show was going on air but my life had moved forward. Bigg Boss was currently happening and luckily this happened for me. We came out of the house, there were two other people who came to another reality show. We met them a week before and they both knew that we were dating, everybody knew. Suddenly, they started saying things which was completely nonsense. So I was like forget about me, I am a guy, you are going ahead on national television and trying to take the reputation of a girl down. Like are you even a guy who has ever loved. Because if I have ever loved a girl, I’ll never do this to her on National Television.”

He further added, "This is my pureity, Ben and I are pure, I just don't want people to put a dirty mask on it so I was just keeping it to myself.  We have been together like that only, we don’t care what the world says because we have our side of the story. I love her genuinely and she loves me. I cannot go on national television and speak nonsense about the girl I genuinely love, we all know they want something out of it. 

Coming to bigg boss also didn’t make sense for a breakup. I can understand from a creative aspect, because splitsvilla was also happening, so they wanted closure so I gave that.  But I didn't understand that right after one year, why would people go ahead and speak, I am sure they must have better work to do than speak about me and ben, and that was not just one or two, that was three, I won't take the names, we all know that."

"I have a lot to say because I have not spoken for past 2.5 years and now when it comes to Ben no one can mess around. We both are very protective about each other. We have always been quiet and our work has spoken."

Aren't they just adorable? What do you think of relationship? Do let us know your views in the comments below..

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Priyank Sharma Benafsha Soonawalla

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