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Presenting the new 'Bhai Raja' of TV - Ayub Khan

Ayub Khan is back in business again; he plays the loving and caring brother in Rakhi. Here is an exclusive with the actor..

Published: Thursday,Sep 20, 2007 12:08 PM GMT-06:00
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Ayub Khan, the nephew of the Icon and Powerful Actor, Dilip Kumar entered films and left a mark with some amazing performances in the fun-filled Dil Chahta Hai and the typecast movie, Mriyudhandh. Ayub Khan made a re-entry to TV with the serial Kashish. He was recently seen in Sony's Jeete Hai jiske Liye. Now, he is the new 'Bhai Raja' in town, and is busy with his serial Rakhi on Zee.

Here is a Chit-Chat with the multitalented Ayub Khan...

Presenting the new Bhai Raja of TV  - Ayub Khan
How does it feel hitting the small screen?
Well, I have done television before I did Dil Chahta Hain. I use to do a show called Muskaan. It was directed by Naveer Antule. I was in complete awe of how television was, at that particular time. The dialogues, the story, were all too good!

How has Zee's Fun on the run been?

It was fantastic. We had a mind blowing team. The production house people, the crew, the celebrities, were all awesome. I made some great friends on the show. I honestly needed a break, so I decided to go for it. Plus I got to spend more time with my wife, which I hardly get in my hectic schedule. And the best part was, that I got to be myself. Thru out the time, I was Ayub, and not someone else, no lines to remember, nothing artificial. It’s a real sad thing that I got eliminated. But then it’s a game, some win and some loose.

Talking about your current show: Raakhi, you’ve been in a complete new look, have you worked on it yourself?

Well, it was a team effort, Rupali the creative head, wanted me to have the Mrityudand look. And that’s why we focused on the pathanis, and the mustache. I like the way Bhai Raja is dressed. I am doing something different, rather than the usual blazers. It’s a complete different character, not like the one we see in Indian Television normally.

Talking about the show, the show has been on for a short time, and has become everyone’s favorite. Your comments on that:

The show is so drastically different. Away from the saas bahu drama, the unrealistic nonsense that it shown on TV, Rakhi is different. It’s a pure story about a brother and a sister. And the turmoil they go thru. It shows to what extent a brother can go for his sister. Its very real to life. I am glad that people appreacite such stories.

If you had to pick between Bollywood and Television, which would you pick?

Both! (laughs) both are two different flovors, and I would love to be a part of both the industries.

Any future projects?

Well, there is an ambulance, waiting for me outside the studio, to pick me up because of me over working (Laughs), so if I survive this, then I can think about something else. (laughs again) ok, on a more serious note, no I am not thinking about anything right now. I honestly don’t have time. I am happy with Rakhi.

Ayub Khan looks dashing as always, in the Urban pathanis, for sure!! Wish the Bhai Raja best of luck for his future endeavours..

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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§§§§ Natasha §§§§ @o|oNaTaShAo|o 16 years ago awww......nice interview......thx for sharing
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naam mein kya hai Jaani!!! @Kiran. 16 years ago the show hasn't started here yet..looking forward to it.
thanks for the article.
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Yuvika @Yuvika_15 16 years ago thnx...he's doing an awesome job in rakhi...
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Shaitaan Anu @diyafah 16 years ago ohh..he looks like a gunda here!!:P =)).he really lookss amazing wid this new makeover..!
...I don't watch the serial..but heard a lot about it..all the best to him..!=D
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