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'Presentation of food is the top priority' - Karan Tacker

Shantanu aka Karan Tacker of Star One's Rang Badalti Odhani reveals his food habits to TellyBuzz..

Are you a food Lover?
Yes, absolutely.

Regional food style that you like except for your own?
Continental and Konkan food, especially curries.

How much importance do you give to the food presentation?
I judge food on the basis of how it looks, smells and then comes taste. So I feel presentation is the top priority.

One food item you can't resist?
I can't resist anything that my mother cooks. She cooks amazing food.

Your Favourite brand in the line of fruit juices?
Though I don't consume much, still I would say Tropicana because I believe in what they say, 100% natural. (smiles)

Your healthy breakfast recipe?
We actors are deprived of breakfast, so most of the time we have to survive on biscuits (smiles). Apart from that I feel whole wheat cereal makes for a good breakfast.

Have you ever faced weight problems?
Yes, but it's a contrast with me, I keep on reducing weight (laughs).

Do you consume any health Drinks?
When I used to Gym I consumed protein shakes.

How much do you believe in table manners?
It's quite flexible depending upon my comfort and habits.

What kind of food do you prefer sweet, spicy or medium spicy?
I think food should taste the way it should be, nothing in specific.

Your common excuse to skip a meal?
I never do that.

Do you have a habit of looking at the price chart before ordering an item in restaurant?
Earlier yes, and now I feel it depends upon places. And then I feel there is no fun in earning when we don't have any expenditure.

Are you hygiene conscious?

Reporter and Author: Pooja Shenoy.


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RB81 9 years ago karan u r an amazing actor..keep going..we love u..
-Veena- 9 years ago Thanks KT .. sounds like a complete foodie.. ready for anything!
bones88 9 years ago Shanak/Yasharan and RBO rocks.. loveee this show
SHANAKFAN 9 years ago liked his answers...n hoping we will get another interview of him very soon...
-Manita- 9 years ago Thanks for the interview of Karan... we look forward to more such interviews :)))))
-Simple- 9 years ago Looking forward to another interview from Karan !
-Manita- 9 years ago All his answers are interesting and he appears to be a majorly health conscious !!
-Manita- 9 years ago Loved all the answers...he is adorable and intelligent too !!!
Sunshine_15 9 years ago you are so hottt and your chemistry with yashu is outstandin
SHANAKFAN 9 years ago love ur answers karan...n ur superb dude...
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