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Prerna Wanvari to enter Bidaai!

Prerna Wanvari of Bandini soon to enter Rajan Shahi's Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai...


Prerna Wanvari (of Bandini fame) will now enter Star Plus and Rajan Shahi's Bidaai to create some negative vibes in the show. Basically she will enter in the life of Anmol (Apoorva Agnihotri) and Ragini (Parul Chauhan) to separate them.

A source says, "Prerna Wanvari will enter the show essaying the role of Shivani, who is Anmol's ex girl friend and wants to get Anmol back for herself. Shivani will not leave any stone unturned to separate Ragini and Anmol with her plans and efforts. Prerna is already done with three days of shoot and her track will continue till the end of the show."

Bidaai will end by 13th of November and Prerna will continue shooting till the last date. "Yes, I have signed a contract with Bidaai and will essay a very vital role in the upcoming track, where I will make an entry into Anmol and Ragini's life and I will try my best to get back Anmol from Ragini," confirms Prerna.

She adds further, "My character will go on changing as the time passes but right now Shivani's only motto is to separate Anmol from Ragini."

In between, Prerna Wanvari will be also seen in Imagine TV's Nachle Ve, where she won the competition against Priya Marathe and reached the further round!

Keep watching the remaining few episodes of Bidaai!

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar


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kinny_ranvir 9 years ago love this serial loads.. going 2 miss kinrul n angini lots
Lovenarbhi 9 years ago @Shaazi stop it yaar, I dont think anagini fans never used to make fun of ragvir fans. Only when provoked they used to na. I feel apporva is one of the finest actors in the industry and he cannot be compared to anyone, becos he is uniuqe.. even better than any hollywood actor. Aprul rocks the same way as kinrul rocks and there is no comparision. Bidaai is going to end na, so those who love bidaai let us enjoy......I will really miss bidaai and angini and my parullllll.
meLuvsParul 9 years ago stop this nonsense suku said,both r greattt as their own way.
stop bashing appu,paru,kinnyyy...all r greattttt.dont compare them.stop this angini vs ragvir,kinrul vs aprul,kinny vs appuu..enoughhhh yaarrr...:((((((((
sami01 9 years ago ok guys let me say one thing there is no point in trading insults,shazi go ahead and celebrate serial is ending but if you want to close your eyes on fact that apu did good job then what can i say,ranvir was good for you,anmol is to me, i never bashed kinshuk even during kajjal times but yes even then hi sfans used to bash us instead.Once serial ends in 2 weeks i must say it is good thing because i cant handle stress of bidaai forum ,and i simply cannot not come to apu's forum,so once he is out of there ,we will be too then u can go there and rejoice,he is a good actor no one can deny it and he is certainly better actor than many,i agree kinshuk is very popular in young people at present,apu was heart throbe at jassi time too,he has been ranked no 5 as most handsome men in india in 2006 anyways jane do but i must say the maturity of anmol ragini love story kept me spell bound and I wil lmiss them ,looking forward to this new character and her chemistry with anmol and ragini.
poo_s 9 years ago @shaazi:same goes to you .if u dont like a jodi it dosnt meant that jodi isnt hit...
so when u critisize try to have the same heart to accept critisim...its my POV ....I can compare anyone with anyone else & I havnt taken anyones name......if u dont like then dont comment anything @my name. got it..............
as u cant change ur POV,so dont even try to change others2010-10-31 04:59:26
yaami 9 years ago aur angini jodi itni hitt hai ke star plus walon show he band kar diya poor jodi
@ didn't get enough of tym to get proper story and the jodi story is ending and sohani are u prosecution lawyer of angini i know u hated ragvir and kinrul alott and ur saalekh is also ended and rs chose parul over ut badnaam sara in bidaai so urr hell bent down to act as prosecution lawyer;) and the people who r caliming that angini r meant to be together wht ajoke as if rs has predecided frm the start of bidaai that at the end he is gonna bring apurva. apurva got the role because kinshuk lefted . lolz2010-10-31 10:14:47
poo_s 9 years ago tom cruise is 48 yrs old he is as hot as very few ppl can get..& tushar kappor kitna bhi young ho jaye..for me never needed... I hope some ppl will get the point :D

& jodi to itni HIT( read dead) thi k uske tutne ki baad bhi show pe koi assar nahi hua :P instead trp aur bar gayi:D2010-10-30 19:13:59
shaazi 9 years ago too stop your nonsense..i just don't want to argue with you, i know how much you hate kinshuk and ragvir...i don't like ragini and apurva's pair..i hate their pair like anything and i m soooooooo glad that bidaai's ending..this soo called pair's story is ending evn before starting...
and plz you just don't worry for ccbm and kinshuk.. he's not falling short of think abt your fav actors..they too will be jobless after bidaai..... and i know why you are supporting angini coz you were salekh fan and hated ragvir..but they have got loadssssssssss of fan and their fans love will bring them together just wait and watch..i have nothing against apurva but i just don't like his pair with parul and it's strictly my pov and i don't want your comments on it..why don't you ignore my comments if you don't like them...i know you are indirectly attacking ragvir fans by supporting angini..2010-10-30 15:16:21
Naheeda 9 years ago plz cme and wreck angini it will have a sad ending though apurva is a old man parul is to young dat why thier couple dont suit but ragvir is still my favourite jodi
Lovenarbhi 9 years ago Awwww parul i will miss you meri jaanu. I will miss my angini and aprulllllll. They are awesomeeeeee . I dont think appurvalooks old.. He looks very young and handsome.
2010-10-30 10:22:50
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