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Prerna Wanvari in Anurag Basu's Tagore Series!

Acress Prerna Wanvari, to be seen in an episodic by Anurag Basu...

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Ace director Anurag Basu, is all set to bring a new show called Tagore series soon on the recently launched channel Epic. The story revolves around the Rabindranath Tagore series.  

A little birdie tells us that actress Prerna Wanvari, will be essaying a key character in one of the episodes. 

When we contacted Prerna she confirmed saying, "Yes, I am doing an episodic for Anurag Basu's Tagore stories. The name of the story is untitled and I am playing the character of Choti Malkin.  It's a very inspiring story and it was such a great experience working with Anurag Basu.  I learnt a lot and he is a very nice person to work with."  

Anurag Basu's Tagore Stories will go on air from April 11 on Epic channel.

Prerna Wanvari Anurag Basu Epic 

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UDEY 8 years ago Quality speaks for itself ... n awards n applauds come searching for it ... not d other way round ... Mr Chatterjee's life is a live demo of that . His contribution to our Cinema goes beyond awards ! Wishing Feluda many Healthy , Happy n Productive years ahead ! Love u n your work :D
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Vicky27 8 years ago Soumitra Chatterjee is just awesome...Hats of 2 him...
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Asmi13 8 years ago He is a gem of Bengali cinema & a living legend. Congratulations to him for Dada Saheb Falke Award
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sunaina02 8 years ago Living legend - the international class actor of India .
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puba 8 years ago His movies will forever remain etched in the hearts of the viewers...
Someone who sure makes me a proud Bengali! :) :)
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Pirated_Fun 8 years ago @kavmuks
that song of tagore was used in "Charulata" which is an adaptation of "Nashtaneer"
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kasaf_ZGH 8 years ago In each of his roles he proved his quality. He really does not need to go to Mumbai to prove himself as he was already proved himself.

He is an awesome actor and always remain my favorite actor.
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Pensive 8 years ago Soumitra Chatterjee is def one of the very few actors of Indian film industry who has always maintained a healthy balance between parallel and mainstream cinema.
For every Apur Sansar he has given us a prothom kodom phool, for every sakha prosakha he has given a Basanta Bilaap

He and will always remain my all time fav. actor2012-05-12 11:41:21
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kavmuks 8 years ago It is amazing to see Soumitra in his each role.. he just lives it .. My personal favorite is "Gaure Baire".. aami chini go chini tomare... ogo Bideshini ..
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SonarMeye 8 years ago Soumitra Chatterjee, one of the most talented & humble actors of the world. Satyjit Ray & Soumitra has produced a number of world class master pieces, I have seen that 'Apur Sangshar' is taught in the UK University as part of world literature & have seen how they analyse each frame with so much praise (all in English). Hats off to the due. I am so grateful that Soumitra did not gave away to the temptation of Bombay films - the Bengal have a great actor to be proud of. Congratulations for the award. May God keep you healthy to continue.2012-05-12 10:05:06
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