Preetika's special interest in palmistry and astrology!

From being an actor to a palmist, Preetika fame of Colors’ Beintehaa gets her instincts and predictions right on cards.

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Some call it passion; some may even call it a hobby. But palmistry is considered as a fun' activity by most people and today's television actors are no less. Colors' show Beintehaa's lead actor Preetika Rao is one such person who holds a special interest in palmistry and astrology. In fact, she prefers to take some time out from her busy schedule to pursue her passion.

A source from the sets said, "Whenever Preetika is on the sets, cast and crew members often go up to her and ask her to read their palms while making predictions about their lives and future. Preetika's instincts have worked in favor of many people and her predictions have come true in many cases earning her some credibility. In fact, everyone looks forward to having her on the sets. She is truly gifted!"

Thanks to her passion for the subject, Preetika has become the most sought-after astrologer on the sets and has even been nicknamed Baba Aaliya by the show's cast and crew.

Preetika's unique passion has even caught the show's male lead Harshad Arora's attention who always insists on getting his palm read by her. Harshad at his mischievous best also takes fun-filled jibes at Preetika and tries to imitate her serious avatar as she predicts everyone's future.

However, all said and done, Preetika's astrology fever is catching up and has got the entire cast and production team waiting with bated breath about what she will predict for them next! Well, maybe the success of Beintehaa has something to do with Preetika's excellent palmistry skills to? One does wonder...


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Mahiii 6 years ago Lol i love Harshad Arora and Preethika Rao.. please get hooked up to eachother... i would love to see u as a real life couple
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saumiee 7 years ago Keep rocking Harshad Arora and Preetika Rao
Never knew that u were intrested in astro :-)
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Rozzzy123 7 years ago She is interested in numerology not palmistry.Her dad Mr.Deepak Rao is India's no.1 mind reader.Comes frm the genes.Preetika Rao,u r beauty wid brains unlike ur contemporaries who waste most of their time in doing makeup and making boyfrenz.Preetika Rao is the most talented and most beautiful new comer right now.I luv u
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Lady_Impala 7 years ago aliya baba ki jai ho! Preetika Rao you are one beautiful girl and Harshad Arora you are so cute and hawt.
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sumaiya-kay 7 years ago Love Preetika Rao and Harshad Arora...both are fab and are doing amazingly well in Beintehaa! Keep rocking guys!!
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ash91 7 years ago Love you Preetika Rao.. You are doing a fab job in Beintehaa!
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SunoNa... 7 years ago Oh wow, dint knew Preetika knew all these.. Thats nice to know..

Keep rocking Harshad Arora and Preetika Rao
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Lady_Impala 7 years ago Preetika Rao and Harshad Arora are doing a fab job potraying zain and aliyah. love them.
Beintehaa rocks.
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nxaa 7 years ago keep up the amazing work Preetika Rao and Harshad Arora!
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-Nimmi- 7 years ago Love you Preetika. You are fab!
Beintehaa rocks!
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