Preeti Puri recites a poem for Arunaji...

Preeti Puri's hidden talent comes to the fore in Shara One's Saas V/s Bahu as she recites a poem for Aruna Iraniji...

Preeti Puri who plays the vamp with utmost ease has a sensitive side too and this came to the fore in Sahara One’s Saas V/s Bahu when the actress recited a poem!!

Yes, for the uninitiated, Preeti is a poetess and has inherited the art of writing poems and singing from her dad. Well, Preeti took it upon herself to get a smile on the judge Aruna Iraniji’s face and decided to dedicate a poem to her.

Preeti quips, “Arunaji and I have been working together for 11 months now and I really think she is a sweet person, so I wrote something for her”. So was this another way to get good scores from the judge? Definitely not, as she puts it, “I told Karan that I will recite it only after I get marks so that no one thinks I did that for marks. But he and everyone here insisted that I read it out before getting my marks and so I did it”.

Poem or no poem, Preeti did receive the lowest marks for the day, but this did not disappoint the hard working lady at all. “I think I got what I deserved and I believe in trying and trying till I succeed. So getting bad marks once does not bother me. I can always do better and get good marks the next time”, said Preeti.

Way to go, Preeti…

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