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As Telly Buzz continues with its week long anniversary special, the team brings to its readers messages from some of their favorite stars, who are also regular readers of the site..., India’s #1 Entertainment Discussion Forum, the second home to more than 3 lakh members from all over the globe, is a stopping point for many television actors as well. In order to provide its members fresh news and gossip of the television world, india-forums started Telly Buzz, the Online Television Portal. This portal was launched on 27th April 2007 and after a year it’s still going strong. On this special occasion, the Telly Buzz team caught up with some actors who have been patrons and helped us scale the heights of success.

Jay Bhanushali:

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India-Forums Telly Buzz completes a year now. What is your message to the Telly Buzz team and your fans in india-forums? You people have done and are still doing a great job and congratulations on the achievement. It gives me immense pleasure to browse through your site. The trust factor for members as well as actors when it comes to this site is immense, and whatever is published in Telly Buzz is almost 99% true. All the success you see today would not have been possible without the team effort put in, so great going to you all!! My Message to my fans in India-Forums is that the best way to keep connected with me is thro' India-Forums. I am a member of IF and I love to read all your comments and discussions. Carry on in the same way!

What according to you is the USP of Telly Buzz?
The trust that all the members have in your site and in your articles, has to be your USP. No site or forum can be successful without its members, and I would applaud all the loyal members of this site for making this site the best! You all rock!!

Jennifer Winget:

India-Forums Telly Buzz completes a year now. Any message to the Telly Buzz team and your india-forums fans on this special occasion. It is great to know that Telly Buzz has completed a year. Wish you many more anniversaries like this! On this occasion, I would like to thank the entire team of India-Forums and Telly Buzz, as you all have kept the members as well as actors logged on to the site for so many years now and I hope you’ll continue to do so.

What according to you is the USP of Telly Buzz?
Telly news at your fingertips is Telly Buzz.

Dedicate a flower to Telly Buzz on its anniversary..
I would want to present the entire team of Telly Buzz with lots of roses as it symbolizes love. This is my way of wishing you success.

Vivan Bhatena:

India-Forums Telly Buzz completes a year now. Your message to the entire team of Telly Buzz and your fans in india-forums?
Congrats!! The discussions on India-Forums and the comments that we stars get to the articles published, either good or bad, keep us motivated. We can clearly get the feedback regarding the likes and dislikes of our fans and we appreciate the effort put in by the entire team to keep this site updated with all the news. I thank the entire IF and Telly Buzz team for making us look good on screen and for providing a platform for members to connect with us. To my own fans at India-Forums, I would want to say that your honest comments and queries have always helped me grow as an actor. I will surely do my best to keep you all happy.

Dedicate a song to Telly Buzz on its anniversary..
The apt song for the Telly Buzz team would be ‘Chak De’…

Sunaina Gulia:

India-Forums Telly Buzz completes a year now. What do you have to say to the Telly Buzz team and yours fans at india-forums on this occasion?

It is an awesome feeling to celebrate the first birthday of Telly Buzz. My message to the team of Telly Buzz is to keep up the good work; and all the best for the future. To my fans at India-Forums, you all are very encouraging. Keep watching us and continue to shower your support on us.

What according to you is the USP of Telly Buzz?
Telly Buzz is very quick in tracking news and stories. In addition, the response to the articles is awesome and we stars get a regular feedback from the members too.

Jatin Shah:

India-Forums Telly Buzz completes a year now. Your message to the Telly Buzz team and your fans at india-forums to mark the occasion.
I have never browsed any telly news site other than India-Forums, and I must say, you all are doing a brilliant job. Congrats to Telly Buzz for completing one year. My friends always tell me about the articles published on India-Forums Telly Buzz; we also keep talking about the discussions in the sections. I very well know that all my fans don’t want to see me in a negative role. But my message to them is to please have patience, I will come up with a likeable character very soon..

Abhay Vakil:

India-Forums Telly Buzz completes a year now. What is your message to the Telly Buzz team and your fans at india-forums?
India-Forums is doing a fantastic job. The discussions in the sections as well as the articles put up in Telly Buzz connect the actors with their fans and act as a bridge for communication. I have received lots of love and adulation from the members of India-Forums ever since I began my career, so I would like to thank all my fans out there from the bottom of my heart. To the Telly Buzz team, I wish them many more years of success. You all are doing a great job and wish you continue to do so in the years to come!

How is India-Forums Telly Buzz different from other sites?
All telly news sites are unique in their own way, but it is amazing that Telly Buzz has managed to get its contacts so far in the media industry in just one year. Frankly speaking, Telly Buzz is always updated with all the facts and latest stories, so great going!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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I like Jatin Shah and liked him a lot in Kahani Ghar Ghar Kii!!!

And I like Jennifer Winget a lot!!!

15 years ago

Abhay and Vivan....i love u both...wud like to see u in diverse roles.

15 years ago

Awwhh Jay n Vivan are soooo cuteee..Awh..Love u both :D

15 years ago

thanxx!! omg loved to read Vivan's and Abhay's!
lolzs! good to know they appreciate all of this! =]

15 years ago

noooooooooooo Jatin, that's not true, i like u more in a negative character than i ever liked u as playing a postive charact. i think u luk cool with ur new avatar as ranauk. keep it up


15 years ago

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15 years ago

very nice article if total rox n congrats 4 ur first aniversary hope u complete more years 2. loved allthe interviews would hve loved if u included karan sigh grover/ shilpa anand 2.

15 years ago

congo 2 telly buzz 2 hve d power 2 attract all d actor cming here n reading all d article...

man i m so happy after kwning dat my jatu will b bck in his likeable character. yipeeeee


15 years ago

Awww, I din't know all of these people come here!

Keep up the great work guys!


15 years ago

congt=rats to i-f telly buzz!!!!!!=D

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