Pranky Shahid preyed on Vishal

Pulling leg or playing some pranks on co-actors is not a new element on the Bollywood shooting floors.

Pulling leg or playing some pranks on co-actors is not a new element on the Bollywood shooting floors. Either to have fun or to chill few moments, actors do follow the unruly acts on their mundane schedules. But guess, what’s new should have happened this time? It’s Shahid playing a prank on his long time buddy and colleague Vishal Malhotra.

The team of Kismat Konnection was busy canning at the community center in Toronto. After quite a few shots Vishal Malhotra, who is playing Shahid’s friend in Kism
at Konnection, thought his shoot for the day was complete and he got off for his hotel room.

As soon as Vishal left for the hotel, the director, Aziz Mirza, decided on going for another angle on the actor who was already in his hotel, situated at ten minutes distance from the shooting location. Crew of the film informed Aziz that Vishal had already left and there came the naughty boy Shahid out in his mischievous mood. He called up Vishal and in a tensed tone informed him how the director is upset about him leaving the floor without completing the shoot. Vishal immediately got trapped and running left the hotel.

On the other hand Shahid told everyone on the set that they should act upset about Vishal. Tension for Vishal went on building further up. He reached the set and all kept a stern look on him. Even, Bidya applied another layer to the prank by congratulating Vishal on his achieving such a ‘star’ status. Ultimately Rameshji came there and gave the joke away as he couldn’t rein over his laughter. Immediately Vishal realized how his leg had been pulled by everyone on the set.

“I can't believe I actually fell for it. They all held up well,” relieved Vishal opined, “Thank god for Rameshji who gave the joke away. Thank God! I was so nervous. Shahid and I have known each other from Ishq Vishk days and we keep pulling these wise one on others but never expected him to pull this one on me.” But it seemed like the matter didn’t end up as it looked like. “Look out Shahid I owe you one,” concludes Vishal throwing a chance of getting the entire issue back to Shahid.

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