Pranitaa Pandit: My Karwa Chauth celebrations have not changed since the last 10 years

Pranitaa Pandit says that Karwa Chauth is always a special day for her.

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Pranitaa Pandit

Pranitaa Pandit says that Karwa Chauth is always a special day for her. She adds that her celebrations have remained the same since so many years.

“We will be doing pooja together with friends. We'll wear ethnic, get ready, and enjoy the day to the fullest. Those are the plans for my Karwa Chauth. My celebrations for Karwa Chauth have not changed for the last ten years. It has been almost similar. The one ritual we follow is the Sargi time, we eat a lot of good food together and then sleep. I wake up and then meet my friends, apply mehendi, and spend time with my family,” she says.

Ask her what is the significance of Karwa Chauth for her, and she says, “I think there's a significance of celebrating togetherness. My husband and I fast for each other, and it feels nice. It is a very auspicious and sweet day to celebrate togetherness. We have been married for years and I feel this is the one day that never gets boring for us.”

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Meanwhile, she says that one should only marry someone if one is sure that he is the one. “I have been married for almost ten years now. I think it is something special. Firstly, I think you should be married to someone who respects you and understands you. I don't think marriage is something mandatory. Yeah, it is something necessary in society but at least in the metro cities, people are evolving. So, only if you are willing to understand, compromise, and work towards a relationship continuously, then you should consider marrying someone. Also, you must find the right partner who understands you and most importantly respects you and even goes out of the way and supports you. In my perspective, it is not the most important thing in anyone's life but it is a choice that you make.”

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