Prakash Jha hits television with 'Baahubali'

Prakash Jha hits the small screens with a show of DD called - BaahuBali. Read on to get an insight to what's in store...

Prakash Jha a multiple award-wining independent film maker from India, who has produced and directed nine feature films, over 25 documentaries, two television features and three television series and acclaimed for films like Apaharan, Gangaajal, Mrityudand, Damul and Parinati announced his new television show Baahubali at a press conference at Mumbai.

The cast consisting of great actors such as Mukesh Tiwari, Mohan Joshi, Chetan Pandit, Daya Shankar Pandey, Vishnu Sharma and many more were also present at the event. This year there are two films from Prakash Jha Productions- Manish Tiwari's Dil Dosti Etc (Released in September), and Sudhir Mishra's Khoya Khoya Chand. This step of Prakash Jha Productions to enter Television Production is not just to make it's presence felt, but to create an awareness of their kind of work amongst the viewers through the strong content and quality, which is their main driving force. At the same time many talented and creative minds who are wanting to excel and do different & meaningful television will get a platform to showcase their piece of work through Prakash Jha Productions.

A little about Baahubali: In today's world, when annihilation lurks around every innocent corner, you have no time to choose between Peace and Violence. When your most beloved soul-mate is kidnapped and disrobed, you cannot dither between non-violence and brutal retribution. When your father is gunned down in public for wanting to become more powerful, you cannot spend time debating the merits of "ahimsa" vs. bloodshed. Today, when your very own survival is threatened, you cannot turn the other cheek. Violence, retribution and gaining supreme power are your only alternatives. You have no choice.

The total breakdown of the judicial mechanism has ensured that the people have taken Law and Order into their own hands. The physically stronger you are, the more power you wield. In this chaotic state of utter lawlessness, "ahimsa" is given a quiet burial. And when "Ahimsa" is dead . . . a " Baahubali " rises. "Baahubali" is about today's violent times. "Baahubali" is about Raw Power. Absolute Power. A "Baahubali" is law unto himself. He is not bound by the State, Society or the Law of the Land. In today's times, a Baahubali's most potent weapon for survival is Violence.

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Chetan Pandit

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Prakash Jha

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Sudhir Mishra

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Mukesh Tiwari

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16 years ago

It was time for a serial like this...............Hope this has an enormour acceptance.

16 years ago

I've always appreciated Prakash Jha's films... glad he's starting to make his mark on television.

16 years ago

New concept hope people likes it

16 years ago

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