Prachi Bansal speaks about her majestic bridal look for her role of Mata Sita in Sony TV’s show Srimad Ramayan

Prachi Bansal opened up on adorning a majestic bridal look for her character of Mata Sita in the upcoming episode of her show Srimad Ramayan.

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Prachi Bansal as Mata Sita


As the wedding season unfolds, we are elated to unveil the mesmerizing bridal look of Mata Sita, in Sony Entertainment Television’s divine epic, Shrimad Ramayan. 

The exceptionally talented Prachi Bansal brings to life Mata Sita and the creative genius behind this iconic ensemble is none other than the distinguished costume designer and stylist, Shibapriya Sen.


Shibapriya Sen, celebrated for her unparalleled work in mythological and period drama shows, has once again demonstrated her prowess in capturing the rich cultural heritage and elegance of Indian brides with her vision for Mata Sita in the show.

Renowned for infusing authenticity and creativity into her outfits, Shibapriya Sen has meticulously curated a masterpiece inspired by Rajasthani tradition, blending regality with grace. The exquisite bridal ensemble is a symphony of warm hues – Wine, Maroon, Red, and Mustard – all woven into a luxurious velvet fabric. Zardozi and Gota Patti embroidery adorn the attire, showcasing the intricate craftsmanship that breathes life into the attire.


Prachi Bansal as Mata Sita

A 15-meter head trail, decked with star patterns, adds a celestial touch to the ensemble. The lehenga features a King and Queen design seated on an elephant, evoking a sense of royal grandeur.


Hailing from the heart of Jaipur, the pure brass and silver jewelry complement the look, with original stones adding a touch of authenticity. The overall ensemble is layered, featuring a dupatta in Sita's hand and the mesmerizing 15kg lehenga. The hand-made embroidery attests to the dedication and skill invested in creating this iconic bridal look. It took 3 days and 18 hours to complete the embroidery and overall, the lehenga took 5 days to get ready. 


Portraying the character of Mata Sita, Prachi Bansal shared, “Wearing Sita's wedding outfit with all the heavy jewelry, crown, and hair accessories was quite challenging but it truly makes me feel regal. The outfit weighs 20kgs along with jewelry, and it takes me 2.5 hours to get ready each day. But the positive reception and my acceptance as Sita make it all worthwhile, and I'm grateful for the support and appreciation from the audience.”


Designer Shibapriya Sen shared, “Designing Sita's wedding look was an ethereal experience, where femininity met divinity. I feel blessed to be getting the opportunity to design the wedding looks for Prabhu Shri Ram and Mata Sita and their divine siblings. The costumes and accessories were quite heavy, but the actors have taken it in their stride. We have maintained the sanctity of the occasion through the traditional and pure tapestry craftsmanship and artistry, to achieve the opulence you’d expect when the princes of Ayodhya wed the princess of Mithila.” 


Shrimad Ramayan airs on every Monday to Friday at 9 PM, on Sony Entertainment Television.

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I am sorry to say but she just doesn't fit the character of Mata Sita.
She acts like a typical hindi serial lead with loud expressions nodding her head every second.
There is no gentleness and charm to her acting which is more evident when she shares screen with Sujay.

2 months ago

What a beautiful outfit!!! Prachi is looking gorgeous😍

2 months ago

she looks so gorgeous

2 months ago

It is beautiful 😍
Sitaji looks divine

2 months ago

Wow What A Beautiful Wedding Dress 😍

2 months ago

Prachi Looks so beautiful in this Red lehnga😍😍

2 months ago

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