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Post Declaring Breakup With Srishty Rode, Manish Naggdev Shares a Pic of ENGAGEMENT RINGS!

That escalated quickly...

One of the most talked about and lovey-dovey couple of telly town was Manish Naggdev and Srishty Rode. The couple got engaged and their love and adoration for each other became the talk of the town during Srishty's Bigg Boss 12 stint. However, recently Manish called it quits and the nation was stunned at this news.
 But the actor recently shared a post on Instagram and Twitter that left us shocked. He shared a post with a picture of engagement rings with 'The Gift' written on it. While we were guessing what is the actual case, we also saw Veebha Anand's same post and we understood, he is only hinting at his next project.

We reached out to Veebha and asked her about the project. She said, "The Gift is a 5 minute short film. It will highlight the relationship of a husband and wife. Manish and I are starring opposite each other." Produced by Frizzon Productions and written and directed by Kiran Nagdev, this will be the first time that they will be paired opposite each other. The short film will most probably release by next month.

Check out Manish and Veebha's posts here...

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