Pooja Bose bids adieu to small screen!

Pooja Bose aka Swara of Imagine's Sarvagunn Sampanna quits Television for big screen projects...

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Pooja Bose, the actress with her glam look and hazel eyes who shot to fame with Star Plus' Tujh Sang Preet Lagayi Sajana, is apparently trying her hands to take a B-town ride and hence has taken a long break after essaying Swara in Imagine's Sarvagunn Sampanna.

Though rumor mills have something else to say about the actress the actual truth is that Pooja will be quitting small screen. A source says,"After Sarvagunn Sampanna, Pooja was initially on a small break after which she started receiving offers from various channels but she was not at all in the mood to take up something on small screen. "

And the latest we hear is about Pooja Bose saying bye to small screen for now.

"Pooja is busy with few films. She has signed two Bollywood films, one Bengali film and a Telugu movie. She is busy with these projects and is in no mood to come back on small screen", adds the source.

We contacted Pooja and she confirmed, "Yes, I have left television for now as I am busy with some big screen projects."

When Telly Buzz asked whether she will be back again on small screen she said, " I cant give a confirmation on the same but you never know, I might come back. But for now its a No," signs off Pooja.

All the best Pooja for your first B town ride…

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Comments (19)

i wish her tons a luck for her new projects but hope dhe returns to small screen soon!!!

12 years ago

Miss u pooja
Hope we see u soon on screen

12 years ago

hopefully she is doing leads and not side roles...because that is not good. but still al the best for her in a movies

12 years ago

aaww...all the best pooja...i really really love ur acting...and you are just sooo beautiful and your eyes are sooo mesmerizing...

12 years ago

She always got roles where c did 3 things,
1.always depressed,
2.always insulted
3.always cry.
I HATE BECHARA BECHARA ACTS..i know i'l get a lot of dislikes,but who cares.

12 years ago

aww all da best to her for her ventures :) usually TV celebs don't make it far in Bollywood but I hope she makes it big :D

12 years ago

wow two bollywood movies?! that's amazing! i wish her the best of luck. i hope she gets more success in films than she did in tellywood. her talent needs to be recognized. she's an amazing actress

12 years ago

which bengali movie ?
i want to watch that ! :D

12 years ago

i liked her in tujh sang, she was very good, but thn thy had to go and ruin the show by putting stupid tracks in there! best of luck to her though!

12 years ago

well i dont understand y these tv actress go into film when they cant even act..she is gonna end up coming back tv..idiot

12 years ago

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