Plan to kill Kuku and Amro in Bebo...

Gursheel, Babloo and Goldie hatch their next plan to kill Kuku and Amro Narang in jail, in Star Plus' Sabki Laadli Bebo...

Viewers have been witnessing some major drama and conspiracies  in Star Plus' Sabki Laadli Bebo, with Kuku Narang (Kanwaljit Singh) and Amarjeet Narang (Shailley Kaushik) been put behind bars with a false charge of attempting to burn their daughter-in-law Goldie to death!!

The present track is focussing on Bebo (Shivshakti Sachdev) and Amrit (Anuj Sachdeva) trying to prove that Kuku and Amro are innocent, with the help of their lawyer played by Diwakar Pundir. Amidst all this, Gursheel (Jayati Bhatia), Babloo and Goldie find out that Kuku Narang has transferred all his property in the name of Bebo. They also get to know that Bebo cannot give anybody a share in the property till the time Kuku and Amro are alive. So they hatch a plan to kill them in jail.

According to our source, "Gursheel, Babloo and Goldie will go a step further in being wicked, and will plan to kill Kuku and Amro. In between all this, the property feud is driving everyone wild, and each partner is trying to double cross the other. In tonight's episode, Bebo will get to know thro a letter written by Babloo which states that Kuku and Amro will be attacked on December 18th. The plan is made to murder Bebo's parents in jail, and this episode will be aired on 18th December. It will be a gripping episode wherein the plan is brought into action".
When contacted, Amrit ka Anuj Sachdeva says, "Yes, it is true that Gursheel, Goldie and Babloo plan the killing of Bebo's parents. Amrit in his own way plays a part in saving Bebo's parents. That's all I can reveal as of now".

Well, let's wait and watch how Bebo's parents get saved….

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh, Susan Jose
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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omg! I av seen dat episode! it was like tottaly ages ago. WAKE UP!

13 years ago

No plz dnt kill them!!! Then the show iz no gud

14 years ago

idiots r u all out of ur mind. ur gona kill them.then we r going to protest it.

14 years ago

Wow, Intresting, the show has always live up to its expectation!

Looking forward to the Episode!

14 years ago

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