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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka's Riya Sharma: Pandemic did affect my lifestyle but fortunately, I am working

Riya Sharma got talking to us about keeping up with the pandemic and staying safe in such tough times and more. Read her conversation here.

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riya sharma

Riya Sharma, is currently seen in Pinjara Khusurbti Ka as Mayura. She got talking to us about keeping up with the pandemic and staying safe in such tough times. She also elaborated on her equation with Pinjara Khubsurti Ka co-star Sahil Uppal, reviews received so far, and more. Read her conversation with us right here.

How has life changed for you with this pandemic?

It has been kind of overwhelming, initially, it felt like a nightmare and the social media obv did not help with the sheer panic it had created amongst people. The pandemic did affect my lifestyle with some minor changes but nothing major because fortunately, I’m working like I used to. Yes, the shooting patterns have definitely changed like scenes are being avoided which includes water, mud, or anything which can contribute to health issues. I’ve been trying to maintain a physical distance and fit into the new normal but work from home or not being in physical contact with people is not an option for actors. With people whining about unable to socialize or party I’ve been a couch potato ever since I moved to Bombay. So I really enjoyed my stay with my family and pets in the lockdown. One major change in my life was shopping which I really miss. But for now, I’m just very grateful that I and my close ones are safe. My heart and prayers go out to people who’re suffering. 

How have you made sure you and those around you stay safe?

Like I said I try my best to maintain my distance and take all the precautions needed as much as possible but being an actor it’s a kind of difficulty while working. 

What's Riya in real life like?

I’m a very independent girl. I like doing things on my own. I enjoy eating alone at restaurants. I literally love spending time with myself although it’s not the same every time, sometimes I like company. It all depends on my mood actually. (Moody? Yeah.) I absolutely love animals, shopping, eating, reading and oh working out!  Being a workaholic I can say work is my second home. My career has always been and always will be my first priority and I’m really excited to see how things go in my life. I’m kind of selective about almost everything especially clothes, I love to dress up, but I also like to be in my pajamas all day, feel me? 

Your equation with Sahil?

The best co-actor anybody can ever ask for. He’s helped me with a lot of things especially when it comes to discipline and performance. He’s always made me comfortable around him especially with the romantic scenes. We share a truly special bond and I’m grateful to have met such a kind and amazing person like him.

If not an actor what would you be?

I can’t imagine myself not being an Actor. But if you really ask- a car racer. (I love cars and I love driving) 

Your family must be worried about you shooting in these conditions how do you assure them?

Well, I understand their concern and they understand my job. I constantly assure them about my well-being. I’ve sent them videos of our set about how everybody’s taking the necessary precautions. 

The show has gotten a lot of good reviews and has a fanbase of its own what do you have to say about it?

I can’t put into words how grateful I am to be a part of this amazing show. I would like to thank our producer Saurabh Tiwari sir from the bottom of my heart as he was keen on casting me and the entire team of Colors to have put their faith in me. Mayura and this show hold a special place in my heart. And I want to thank the audience for they have showered immense love and support on us. So grateful! 

How do u manage to stay fit with such hectic schedules?

Well, it gets difficult as we’re already exhausted after 12-14 hours of the continuous shoot. Sometimes even more. Sometimes I get lazy and skip the gym for a day but working out actually makes me feel alive and refreshed. So I don’t skip it more often. We do a lot of functional exercises as we don’t have a gym here and no equipment so we use some DIY weights (like stealing some sandbags from our light dada) shhh it’s a secret! Sahil helps us with some workouts and we play sports like badminton and cricket. It’s in our routine now. 

Currently, Pinjra Khubsurti Ka will witness a new entry as Karan Vohra is all set to enter the show.

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