Pick of the Week -Khaas Pal of Valentine Week

Our Small screen much in love couples had some fabulous scene in the week of love, and we have bought few Khaas pal for you all here...

We are here with your all Favourite Pick of the Week soon after the fabulous Valentine Bash!! Do you wish to come and fall in love as we take you all  in the Love lane with our adorable and romantic small screen couples?? Enjoy this Khaas pal offered by Telly Buzz...


Khaas Pal of The Week: There were many moments that were romantically blessed , be it the scene where its dawn and the newly wed couple Ranvir-Ragini who spent their First night chatting get up. The scene where Ragini gets up first, and slowly places the pillow for her hubby who is cozily sleeping in her lap, and the scene when Ranvir holds her hand and wishes her were beautiful indeed!!Another scene loved by the viewers was, when Ragini was getting ready for her "Pagphere Rasm" and Ranvir comes in helps her in getting ready and hugs her. Ragini  asks him hope today he wont make any excuse to stop her,  and he replies that he will not stop her as he knows how much sheloves her bauji!! But the perfect lover-boy that he is, he tells Ragini that he will come soon to take her, and he has a pleasant surprise arranged for her too!! Indeed a Kodak Moment!!

Dill Mill Gayye:

Khaas Pal of the Week: Armaan and Ridhhima go to the Garden for a romantic date, they have some beautiful eye locking moments, before their love gets known to the entire world..The other scene which showed immense love between the leads Armaan and Riddhima was when she went to Armaan's house when they both were put forward by certain norms that both Armaan-Riddhima felt that they couldn't meet...It was a beautiful scene packed with the needed emotional touch!!


Miley Jab Hum Tum:

Khaas Pal of the Week: "Do Deewane Bina Sahare Jungle Phas Gaye Bechare". Mayank and Nupur, the never ending nokh jhonk between them just increased when both of them missed their Bus. Nupur was first busy arguing for her favourite Gossip Magazine, then took time to freshen up, and all these left the two of them in the jungle..In the midst of their arguments they fell into each others arms  and the Bonfire witnessed their eye lock and the hidden soft corner and affection they had for each other came to the fore...a  beautiful romantic scene which was loved by all! They are trying to reach their destination and fans hope they get to see more khaas lamhe between the two  in the coming episodes, however Valentine weekend was definitely made by the few scenes!!

Kis Desh Main Hain Meraa Dil:

Khaas Pal of the Week: Finally,  after having battled misconceptions, oppositions, and even after escaping the jaws of death, Prem and Heer are finally one. On what is to be their suhaag raat, Prem is sitting by the foot of his mother's bed (upon Heer's suggestion), so that his is the first face Gayatri Mom sees upon waking up in the morning.  As Prem settles himself, lies his head down, and shuts his eyes, Heer, thinking he has fallen asleep, moves to turn off the table lamp.  Just as she brushes past him, he grabs hold of her hand, and glances at her, only to witness her turn away demurely.  He gently removes his hand from hers, but not before letting his fingers linger over hers for a moment.  She slowly, hesitantly, settles herself across him, as his passionate gaze lingers on her.  Feeling the heat of his gaze, she raises her eyes to meet his, and they share a conversation only they are aware of.  He slowly inches his hand towards hers.  Gently resting his palm on hers, his fingers begin to curl around her hand.  She moves her hand away from his grasp and diverts her eyes for a moment, before giving into the urge to look up at him just once more.  As she does, she sees him placing a small feather-like kiss on his hand, where he had just touched hers. Is anything left to be said….

Khaas Pal of The Week : Dharamraj Mahiyavanshi finally deciding to tie the knot with Santu and walking towards the wedding venue. The whole scene was shot beautifully with twilight setting in against the backdrop of mountains and trees, while the 'Navgraha Shanti Mantra' is being chanted in the background, symbolizing Dharamraj conquering his destiny. Ronit Roy was simply astounding in this scene, his towering personality captured the dark Moorish settings and his understated yet immensely powerful performance lifted the proceedings to quite another high. Its difficult to imagine any other male lead on television carry off a Dhoti-Kurta look with such ease and panache and Ronit Roy makes the typically Indian ensemble into a roaring fashion statement. Another beautiful scene was when they were taking their saath pheres, their kundali was shown in the background which indicated that Santu's kundali united with Dharamraj's, and they showed his surname getting attached to his...


Choti Bahu:

Khaas Pal of the Week: The much awaited scene of the week was when Dev finally met Radhika the women whom he loved and who he has married ,though his family and the world doesnt know he married her...The scene where he was with Radhika's Payal and finally both came face to face was the scene to watch out for..Radhika tried her level best to hide from her husband, but destiny had its own plan and they came face to face finally...the background music indicated it was the day where every Krishna would get his Radha and it was symbolic indeed!!

Kumkum-Ek Pyara sa Bandhan:

Khaas Pal of The Week : "Ek Main Aur Ek Tu Dono Miley Is Tarah" The wait for the eternal lovers Sumit and Kumkum reunion is still going on, but on the eve of Valentines day special Dopahar show, the audience witnessed the leading and most loved pair of the show dancing on one of the romantic numbers "Khuda Jaane"  thus redefining their electrifying chemistry...So what if it was Sumit's dream sequence, watching Sumit and Kumkum in the same frame is something to watch out for...However we hope the dream does come true in future episodes and it happens really soon..


Khaas Pal of the Week : It was between the couple Rano-Manas on Valentines night , when they both were shown arguing unlike other much in love couples. Rano is walking beside the swimming pool when Manas pulls her leg ,saying "See all the girls are drooling over me!" Rano replies no actually they are thinking that why this guy is looking everywhere when he has such a beautiful wife beside her! Suddenly Rano's leg slips and she is about to fall in the pool and Manas holds her hand and asks romantically "Maar diya jaye ya chod diya jaye" She replies gently whatever "jo apka dil kahe.." and he pulls her towards him! A very sweet, natural and sublime scene which leaves your heart with smile !

Stay tuned for the Pick of the Week, every week only on Tellybuzz-buzzing already, our weekly from the world of Television shows. Special thanks to the Dev Team of IF for their input.

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dev and radika from choti bahu are the best

14 years ago

its a beautiful article.
mayank and nupur are best.
nice falling scene in the jungle.

14 years ago

all prem and heer scenes are khaas:)
the best couple on screen!!! no one has chemistry like they do:)

14 years ago

thanks for the article . dev n radhika from choti-bahu r awesome.

14 years ago

Had Kyunki not ended , then there should have been a Karan-Nandini scene topping the list

14 years ago

its all about ranvir and ragini! there da most romantic couple!!

15 years ago


15 years ago

Just loved mayur falling on each other scene!
Mayur rocks!
Mayur forever!

15 years ago

i know m surprised not to see our duo YUVI...plz GUYZ do this next time...we so love them.


15 years ago

Plzzz gays when u do dis again can u add YUVI plzzz... i rilly luv them...

15 years ago

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