Peene Lage Ho out now: Jasmin Bhasin puts up a fine act in a song that hits the right chords

Peene Lage Ho featuring Jasmin Bhasin and Rohanpreet Singh is now out and it seems to be creating quite a buzz after all.

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Peene Lage Ho out now

Jasmin Bhasin has definitely been on a roll as far as her music videos are concerned and before even the song's release, another song has been announced already. While she continues to grab attention for all the work she has been doing and continues to do, today, it is her song with Rohanpreet Singh, Peene Lage Ho, that has grabbed the eyeballs of many.

While Rohanpreet may not be the best with his acting skills, he does a good job at the song and Rajat Nagpal's music along with Kiral's Gill's lyrics, do a great job when put together. While there are bits of the music video that feel a little overdone, most of it is balanced out well, and Jasmin does stand out from everyone else on the screen.

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Check out the music video here:

Well, fans sure seem to be enjoying the music video and they have been trending the song right from yesterday, creating a strong buzz about the song as well as Jasmin! In fact, beau Aly Goni too, shared the video on his social media.

Meanwhile, Jasmin has been working on music videos, and until she returns to the television screens, they will get to see her on the Dance Deewane 3 finale as well, along with singer Amaal Mallik. The two are working on a music video, titled Pyaar Ek Tarfaa.

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