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Past life karma, reason for Shubh's sufferings in Swarg..

The storyline in COLORS' Swarg will take an interesting twist, which will show Shubh's cruel face from his past life, because of which he is suffering in his present life...

Published: Wednesday,Mar 03, 2010 12:26 PM GMT-07:00
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There is a belief that the happiness/sorrow a person faces in the present life is related to the karmas that he has done in his past life. And this is exactly what COLORS and Rajan Shahi's show Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg will focus on now!!

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As per the present story line, Shubh (Pracheen Chauhan) has always been a God-loving person, a dutiful son, loving brother and an affectionate husband. Even after possessing all these good qualities, the guy has seen the worst possible phase of his life, with the loss of his mother (Jyoti Gauba) and wife Suhani (Archana Taide). After going thro' these personal tragedies, Shubh is a changed man today, as he has lost faith in God, and seems to question God as to why this is happening to him..

Now the creative team is working on a track that will give Shubh the much-needed answers.

According to our source, "The story will focus on Shubh's past life. Shubh was then called Adhiraj Singh who was a wicked person from head to foot. He did not have any belief in God and could do anything to get what he wanted. He was a menace to people present around him, and he had been responsible for the sufferings of many. There will be a connection shown between Shubh and Suhani, Arjun (Nikkhil Chaddha) and Satyanarayan, Shubh's father (Yatin Karyekar) in their past lives too".

Our source goes on, "While Adhiraj Singh was the wicked guy, Arjun (Nikhhil Chaddha) was a positive and good natured guy who got harmed by Adhiraj. This is the reason why Arjun has been shown as the evil brother who schemed and plotted in the present life to create problems in Shubh's life, and even ended up killing Shubh's mother and wife. Suhani will most probably be shown as the girl Arjun loved in past life, the relationship which was not liked by Adhiraj Singh. This again explains why Shubh lost Suhani in the present story line".

All the characters who will be shown in the past life will have a different look, costumes when compared to the present life. As reported earlier by Telly Buzz, Megha Gupta who will now play the new Suhani will also be seen having a dual appearance, i.e. the past and present lives.

When contacted, Pracheen Chauhan told us, "This is a big challenge for me to play the ruthless Adhiraj Singh. I was apprehensive to play such a role, that too after playing a nice character like Shubh. But as an actor, I feel this is yet another growth curve for me".

Nikkhil Chaddha said, "Yes, I will soon be coming back to Swarg. But I do not have many details as I have not been shooting with the unit for quite a while now. All I can say is that I will be back in a new avatar, and will be shown as positive".

Megha Gupta too confirmed that she will be seen both in the present and past life stories, but refused to divulge further.

Pracheen's past life story will start airing from today, where he will appear in his new look as Adhiraj Singh. Nikkhil and Megha have not yet started shooting though.

Rajan Shahi confirmed that a past life story would be shown in Swarg, but refused to divulge details.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Crazy_Soha 13 years ago Sounds really Cool...! having seen him as a really good n nice character, it wil be completely different now to see in a negative one.. Looking forward to this.. Thought i thought Archana should play past life suhani..2010-03-04 04:02:55
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whatthewhat 13 years ago Oh my god! Have these people taken leave of their senses???? what utter nonsense!!
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abd_20 13 years ago i needed Shubh's character to have an
edge he was too good but it will be interesting to watch Adhiraj amazing
thought but need to digest the story
easily forgetting old track...
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
Kal El
Kal El 13 years ago If they were all reborn with the same appearances (to the extent that people recognize Shubh as Adhiraj) then shouldn't Suhani's past life version be played by the earlier actress (Archana Taide)? Archana represented Suhani's "natural appearance" while Megha Gupta will be her "post surgery appearance" so, shouldn't Archana play Suhani in the flashback scenes? The people who recognized Shubh as Adhiraj shouldn't be able to recognize Suhani now. LOL
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NiharikaMishra 13 years ago Really wanted to see Nikhil doing a positive shade
Like he was in early Swarg days

Now this looks possible...
Though temporarily..
I am really happy
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yipee 13 years ago hehehhe...reminds me of raaz pichhle janam ka...anyways a diff twist for a change in a show
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A-HELPING-HAND 13 years ago interesting track
lekin aaj ke zamane mein purv janam ki baatein shayad hi koi manta ho
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Shaina_b 13 years ago Ab yeh bhi!!!!Gimme a break!!!!

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matwamango 13 years ago I like this plot. Something new for us viewers
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