Passions and Stress Busters of Shilpa Anand

Ranging from computers to films and more.. find out what Shilpa Anand is passionate about; also get to know the efforts taken by her to keep away from stress...

Shilpa Anand, the gorgeous Riddhima of Star One’s Dill Mill Gayye is passionate about computers. Wondering why? Well, Shilpa before taking to modeling was a Software Developer and was working in a Software Firm. “Yes, I was working as a software developer for few months; modeling was always a hobby for me, but then, I thought of taking up modeling assignments for a profession”, says Shilpa.

Apart from being a successful model, Shilpa has done over 50 ads. Shilpa is also fond of horse riding. Says the model turned actress, “Horse riding is a very passionate sport to be involved in. When I was in USA, I used to ride a lot. But now, with a full-fledged TV career, I am not able to devote much time to horse riding”.

So what is Shilpa passionate about these days? “I love to listen to music; whenever I want to take it easy after a strenuous shooting schedule, I want music for my ears. So Music is a passion which is more of a stress buster for me”, says Shilpa. “I love to surf net and whenever I am free, I keep in touch with my friends thro’ chat”, adds the actress.

Many stars take to the small screen first, and then make their way to the big screen. But for Shilpa, it is the other way round, as the ravishing actress has run around trees in few Kannada as well as Telugu films. A lesser known fact is that, Shilpa happens to be the sister of the very popular and successful actress of the South, Sakshi Shivanand. “I had a great passion to work in films, have done films in Telugu and Kannada. I have also worked in a Hindi film ‘Ikraar By Chance’. When I entered films, my sister had already made it big there; my mother who used to accompany my sister and stay with her down south, advised me to take up something, where she need not accompany me.(laughs) So when I got an offer for Dill Mill Gayye, I grabbed it with both hands”, says Shilpa with a smile on her face.

Shooting schedules can be really stressful, so how does Shilpa cope up with all this? What is it that acts as a stress buster to you? “I do breathing exercises in the morning; also try few chanting techniques and meditation. This gives me a relaxed feeling. I also take to jogging and swimming after a hard day’s work. I guess these are good ways of being healthy in mind and heart”, says the fitness freak, Shilpa as she signs off.

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23 days ago

luv yu shona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 years ago

Missed this article, too good.

Shilpa missing you.

14 years ago

wow neva had seen this article before....she truly rockz both as a person n as an actress

14 years ago

wowww she did more thn 50 Shilpa

14 years ago

i love shilpa . i have joined her facebook group.... i want to meet her. but how? she is in india and i am in pakistan.... plz come 2 pakistan...

14 years ago

Our Shona Shilpa , We''re missing you these days , so plzzzzzzzzz do something , its been long tym and we havent seen u , so do anythin but plzzzz cum back in any drama or film ...... x

15 years ago

it's no point 4 her in cumin back cuz since dey made sukeerti as riddhima in dmg , dey just messd up d whole thin so no point in gettin back Shilpa Anand in 2 dmg cuz by then dmg wud be FINISHED already

15 years ago

u miss her sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!........i just hope she cums back!..........plzzzzzzzzzz shilpa cum back!

15 years ago

I luv da way she plays Ridzz it's jus 2 d man she is gd at keeoing fit

16 years ago

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