Parul Chauhan denies throwing tantrums..

Bidaai girl, Parul Chauhan clears the air about her sudden decision change for not being part of the campaign associated with the HIT anti-malaria campaign..

Recently, it was reported that Parul Chauhan, the Bidaai girl would be associated with the HIT anti-Malaria campaign where the motive was to educate the public on the ill effects of Malaria and give them solutions to prevent the deadly disease.

However, due to certain reasons Parul was not able to shoot on the particular date, and the rally got postponed, after which the same campaign was done by Smita Bansal, who is presently seen in Balika Vadhu on COLORS.

The buzz behind Parul Chauhan going missing at the last minute was attributed to the actress throwing tantrums. The news hit media circles that the producers could not handle her tantrums, and apparently replaced her with Smita Bansal.

But when we called Parul, she was surprised over the way stories are being spun about her. She vehemently denies all this. She says, "I don't even throw tantrums on the sets of my show Bidaai, so how can I do that in a totally unknown place? These stories are completely baseless."

Parul goes on to give us her version of the story. She says, "As you all know I had a terrible attack of chickenpox and even after recovering from it, my body had become considerably weak. So when I resumed my shoot for Bidaai I was not totally in form. To add to it, we had to shoot in the sun for some scenes and my body couldn't handle
the pressure. Later that night I fell ill with high fever. So when the next morning the ad people called me, my brother told them politely that I will not be able to make it. And there is nothing more to this story".

Finally, the campaign was carried forward by Smita Bansal and Anup Soni who play a couple in Balika Vadhu. When contacted, Smita Bansal was totally clueless about being the second option for the above-said campaign. "I enjoyed the campaign, and it was a good move to spread awareness about the disease. However, I was not aware that Parul was considered as the first choice".

Well, that just should put the rumor mill to rest as far as Parul's story goes!!

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (24)

waiting to c smita and anup soni in the ad. love them in BV. really sad for parul

14 years ago

parul is so sweet she can never do anything like this

14 years ago

poor parul...always a victim of these stupid media.....
shezzzz very cute....

14 years ago

why such stupid stories out of no where?
poor parul!

14 years ago

If she does throw tantrums or doesnot why does it matter to others...Live and let live

14 years ago

y is media after her..dead sure she didnt throw tantrums

14 years ago

i doubtshe was throwing any tantrums, i think its just the media stirring up another story...lamee

14 years ago

Give her a break..Maybe not informing the Ad guys was irresponsible ...but saying she was throwing tantrums is going too far.

14 years ago get a life...oh wait they have none thats why they make others life miserable by this infuriating rumors

poor parul...i hope she's doin fine

14 years ago

These journalists have nothing better to do than spread rumours.. so I dun blve them..

14 years ago

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