Parul attends her rakhi brother's wedding

Parul Chauhan attended the wedding of Vivek Jain, the Supervising Producer of Bidaai in Bhopal...

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Recently Parul Chauhan and Alok Nath of Bidaai fame along with Producer Rajan Shahi attended a wedding at Bhopal. It was of Vivek Jain, the Supervising Producer of the show.

For Parul, Vivek is her Rakhi brother and she was very much excited to attend his wedding. “I and Alokji had completed the bank of our track and managed to get a day off for the wedding. It was a wonderful experience to go out of Mumbai after a long time. I had to attend the wedding of Vivek Bhaiya in any case,” says Parul.

She worked extra to get a day off for the wedding. “I worked till late night the previous day so that the bank for the episode is completed. It was very hectic as I was shooting till 4 in the morning and then left for Bhopal,” she adds further.

Parul enjoyed the wedding. “I felt so good and enjoyed the wedding. It was a good feeling to be together with everyone and the whole wedding occasion was beautiful. I danced till I dropped on the bhangra music. But it was only a one day affair. Again next day I had to resume my shoot back in Mumbai”, states the actress.

“I always wear jeans and T-shirt so when I went to Bhopal I thought that as it is a wedding house I should wear Indian dresses. As soon as I came out wearing salwar kameez, people started recognizing me as Ragini. It was sweet that they like me like this,” concludes the actress.

It can be truly said for Parul that Behen Ho Toh Aaisi. Isn’t it?

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Parul Chauhan

Comments (7)

I don''t like her very much. Where r the rest of Badai cast.

15 years ago

She looks stunning and am glad she had a splendid time....

15 years ago

aww that''s soo cute! she seems soo nice! she really values and loves her rakhi bhaiya in order to shoot until 4:00 AM to attend his wedding! =O

she looks soo pretty too!! :-)

15 years ago

Soo nice she went and thanks for the pics.

15 years ago

aww parul is sooo nicee i luve herr alott

15 years ago

omg.......parul is looking supper cute.........!!
i wish kinny was also thre...!

15 years ago

ohh dats cute dat she went to attend da wedding:)
worked till 4in the mornin just 4 da sake of goin to da wedding:)
parul is very sweet:)
n she luks gud in dis red n blue dresss..
i like her hair although i dun like black hair:P
i always wana color mine:P
but ma mum says once ul turn 20 den u can color:P
i ave black hair like paruls i dun like mine but i like hers:P
ppl luvvvvvvvvvv ma hair but i always say i wana color dem:P

15 years ago

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